Snohomish County Area

I’m fairly new to fighting games and really interested in getting better at MVC3. However, none of my friends play these kinds of games. I’m looking for someone around my skill level that I could possibly train with locally around the Mukilteo area. Let me know.



Sounds like you may need to travel a bit to get some experience. Check out the Dojos near Seattle and the monthly tournaments in the area. These things will help you level up considerably.

Thanks! Well I’m just not sure if I’m ready to even visit the “Dojos” and enter local tourneys. Does it even matter considering I’m not that experienced with the game? I could at least be training offline w/ the CPU, right?

Absolutely. I try to spend twice as much time in the training room as I spend playing online. If you’re online, be sure to post your gamertag here so we can add you and get some casual games in. Until then, play arcade mode and do some missions to find your characters and gain a little game knowledge.

I will definitely do that. As for playing online, how much of a benefit does that give me in terms of getting better? It seems that playing locally is obviously better but I could also progress my skills by playing w/ other people online, right?

If you can find people you get good connections with, sure. Easier said than done for some.

Are you near Everett? Someone was telling me that he goes to AFK tavern a lot and tries to get casuals going. Up on 41st and colby.

Pretty close, about 5- 10 min. Never heard of that place, though.

It’s a good spot to play. It’s a bar geared toward gamers. Online play is a great way to get match experience, especially when you play with locals because the connection is typically good.

I might go check it out next weekend. Might be a good experience haha.

I actually live in Snohomish and would love to check this bar out. How often do people try to throw casuals there? I will be also hitting up the Toe-fu dojo and the Marysville Mixups as much as I can as well.

whats a good day to hit up this “bar” in everett? thing is right down the street from the base…and they serve alcohol

I was thinking about checking out AFK Tavern on Thursdays. It’s the only day I have off for a few weeks so a few hours at a bar playing SSF4 (and AE when it’s out) sounds like fun to me. I don’t know how easily it would be to get someone to fight against though, never been there.

I’m going to be at AFK tavern for a few hours. Enjoying happy hour and some MK9 for now.