Snowmageddon Teams and Singles @ C3 VA Fri Feb 26th

C3 Cyber Club

44710 Cape Court
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 729-0985

Friday Feb 26th 2010

Start ime is 6pm…pre reg @ 5pm!

Venue Fee 10

All tourneys are $5 per head

Games being played are:

SF4 2v2 Teams

TVC Ultimate 2v2 Teams

T6 Singles

MVC2 Singles


-no game breaking glitches in mvc2
-SF4/T6 all characters allowed
-all games are 2/3 per match
-BYOC please
-in teams the same character cannot be used twice on same team
-losing team can change team order but not character
-giants allowed in TVC
-no fire stage for tvc matches due to lag

So I hope everyone is surviving this insane weather…and I hope people wanna session at this tourney…it is a good practice session before we make that trip to Philly for WInter Brawl…which is going to be sick…thanks Big E and Hubbs…

Also a big shout out to Big Asian and espec Shin Blanka for giving me this month’s title!!


Come step up if you dare kids!!!

And I will see whoever is going to Katsucon, GXP and Empire wlll be up there for good comp I believe!


Who wants to team in TVC? V??? Heh?? Heeeh?

BTW, this is the day before Winter Brawl, so it will be good practice. Pre-Winter Brawl warm-up tournament. I like it.

Damn I will probably only be down for being there for abit.

Gotta rest up for WB and the drive and stuff.



I’m scared of Global Darkening

Kenin, I’ll be your partner!!!


>.> Do you play TVC?

anything for you, and yes that means playing anime characters that look like speed racer

a fri night? is this one of those nights where he has those chilf partys?

Dont know but they better have that toll troll handy!


Baby mamma drama cookies at FRXIII.

B.m.d.c . Ftw

whoa whoa whoa a Friday tourney?

I think I can actually make this one. I get off at 3.


so who ever won that 5v5 tourney?

Never finished.


LOL they said snowtorious big on the air WHAT

chillin with Elly-alpha assist.

Confirmed for this c3.