Snowmageddon Teams @ C3 VA Results

SF4 Teams Round Robin

  1. 3-way Split Inerd/DevilJinEricV/SteveHChillen/MagnetoManiac
  2. PVFP/Strogg
  3. Alex/John

TVC Teams Round Robin

  1. Steve H/Eric V
  2. Chillen/Omni
  3. Greg/Mulligan
  4. MagnetoManiac/PVFP
  5. BBHood/SmokeMaster

K guys thanks for making a showing, and sorry for posting this stuff so late we just got back from Winter Brawl…

We have to get ready for Final Round…I will have a van heading down this year so if anyone wants to lock a seat up let me know asap!

I will post next C3 thread within the week thanks again for your time everyone!

Peggle/Riddler tourney?

i think the games that didnt have a tournament(cvs2/tekken) got more play than the tourney games.

also next time can we get a lagless tv for sf4 next time.

Good shit to DevilJin from saving his team to tie it up for 1st. Viper vs Honda then Steve’s Sagat is no joke. Good shit to Steve as always for taking me down, that D is too solid as always.

I’ve learned one or two, but very crucial flaws in my Ryu game play this weekend. They can easily be fixed, just the drawback of using a new character for serious play.

it was nice meeting a few new faces there. Next time I’ll get some matches in. I don’t like to show up somewhere new and have a bad/scrubby first impression because thats what people remember.

Down for peggle. Add 3s and CVS2 please…

If I’m around, I’ll take Peggle. Bet it. Still undefeated in MD/VA :tup:

Next main event should be HBRD vs N-Ken. I wanna see this go down. I MUST SEE THIS GO DOWN!!!


I have it on Itouch.

I thinking I can take some wins.

ill take slogan over all in peggle

iTouch Peggle vs. PC/360 Peggle is like 360/PSN Mahvel vs. DC/Arcade MAHHHHHHHVEL

i’m liking these friday C3’s