Snubbed by Nippon

Well Folks, There’s now a new Tekken 6 game, T6: Bloodline rebellion. To this day I still haven’t gotten to play, much less see in vivo, Tekken 6. I still have yet to even handle a joystick attached to a SF4 game as well. Now I understand these game developers want to make money, but this whole limited availabiltiy thing sucks. Sorry but I’m in no position to drive from Dallas(where I live) to Houston just to play a game in an arcade. I’m just not that hardcore. To make a long tyrade short, Japan, quit screwing with us, go ahead and bring these games to gamestop so we can all enjoy them(even the semi-hardcore gamers).

thank you for sharing…


You don’t say.

Get used to it.

At least the tears are real.

Don’t you dare question the will of GLORIOUS NIPPON


Oh wait…

here’s an idea, why don’t you quit being a pussy, or wait till it hits home console.

its not japan who snubbed you, its the poorly run american arcades

who the fuck says “nippon”

its harder say and type than “japan”

and uh…welcome to playing fightan gaems in the US


I assume the rest of the world feels the same way about movies that get released ages after they’ve been released to the theatres in the US. Global localization and distribution hasn’t kept pace with the global economy.

The more ya know…

Sorry, i didn’t have time to read the first post, I’m too busy playing Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV.

That was…interesting.

I’m going to do you a solid.

You’re getting off lucky.

You would’ve posted this in GD, SRK would probably be tiering pencils or some shit. Pretty much, you don’t make threads like this. Because you’re putting blood in water and SRK is nothing but 1 big muthafuckin shark tank. I think the hilarity this thread will continue until there’s nothing left of you. Good luck with that.

i feel for u thread op

oh wait no i dont my local arcade has t6 and tga either has or is getting everything else
i make an hour and a half drive to play

stop crying and man up and make the drive if u want to play or hop a fucking bus

.7mm mechanical pencil’s are the best, .5mm breaks too easily and those .9’s belong in a circus they’re so freakishly big.

reads 1rst post


I mean,
Fuck that shit.

Damnit Kumatan! back to the corner! :mad:

No wonder he has such problems, a quarter of the way through his post i got bored and strangely after reading everybody else’s posts I have gotten the conclusion to all of this nonsense. He supports basement life with a controller between his legs and another reason not to get out of the house for actual social gatherings, after all there is probably no mention of him even knowing anything about why Tekken 6 and SF4 are Arcade first. Hm… I smell lock.

Oh, I know. Fuck Gamestop.