Snuggies: Cult Robe?

Hey guys,
I was watching this weird commercial where they have these robes that also substitute as blankets. Call the Fashion Police!
These clothing attire looks so stupid.

Nothing like Monkin’ it out in the movie theater.

Well the thing is, I saw this on television. I can’t believe that they’re selling it at 19.95. I’d figure this could be something to criticize about.

i want one, nothing better than looking like an old sith lord while lounging around the house

I love the clip at the baseball game.

[media=youtube]h05ZQ7WHw8Y&feature=fvw"[/media] is worth a watch.

My sister works at a Walgreens and she says that shit sells like crazy. It was so high in demand that she even had to sell the one on display. No joke.

Oh yeah, and the new commercials have sell them in Leopard and Zebra print to be stylin’.

Anyone who says this needs to be stoned to death.


I would not want to walk out to the public like that.

Lol, I have one, got it on sale for 14 dollars or so for two from Costco. Its decent, more of a novelty, and fun looking like your a cult member.

I want one!