So a friend and another friend were button mashing

…and don’t get me wrong, they’re both skillful players, but I think they were just under the influence or something. But the most impressive/useless thing happened. Ok, so maybe not that useless, but damn well near it. I wasn’t anywhere near to record it, so I replicated and turned it into a gif for you all

that’s pretty neat actually

Well, the Floating Bomb takes 20hits for it to dissolve, since Magnetic Tempest spreads and shoots those rocks so rapidly and fast, the Floating Bomb took the hits of the rocks and therefore dissolved.

thats in traning mode, :pray:
also tell them to mash harder XD

proof you get rewarded for mashing in mvc3 :rofl:
well atleast with cool gifs :slight_smile:

it seems like dormammu recovers faster though, so that would be a free teleport>j-H>BnB

I feel like this could actually be used as a gimmicky setup. If Dormammu goes for it, you can just XFC and punish