So about parrying


Can anyone actually inform me HOW to do it? ._. I have tried quite a few things, and just can’t for the life of me figure it out, nor can I find any information on it.


Exact same as Third Strike: Tap forward at the moment the attack hits.

It’s fairly lenient in this game, though.


It also looked like the parries lasted a lot longer, at least from the trailer. Like Ryu was parrying Chun’s kicks and 3-4 kicks were going through him each parry.


I’ll have to watch the trailer. The parry doesn’t freeze your opponent’s character?? Or… was the Chun an assist?


Parrying is just ridiculously easy in UMvC3.


That is the point though, making tough things super easy, stupid things even stupider.


I swear I was able to parry in hitstun too from Iron Man’s unibeam, but I may’ve been trippin’.


U can also tap back, the one thing i hate about the parrying you can mash forward while being hit and it parrys the attack my bro did it on me! It slows down the screen for every parry and it’ll screw with ur timing on combos!


It’s not like 3rd strike’s exactly, in 3s you could parry a fireball a good couple of frames before it made actual contact. It seems closer to CvS2 parrying, though not as strict as that game, that’s for sure.


Your not Trippin’, you can parry in hitstun. Except for cinematic hypers.


Being able to parry during combos is going to be the most retarded thing Capcom overlooked. This is basically going to turn a 1 minute match into a 10 minute match. Who the hell came up with this shit? The opponent’s timing is going to be so messed up with all those parries flying around.


overlooked? i assume they made H&H so they could just do whatever the hell they wanted without thinking about it since, you know, doing that in MvC3/UMvC3 pissed people off.


yo fuck that, parrying during hitstun needs to go.



No seriously, this is stupid.

I have to watch some fucknut hitstun parry all of Maximum vergil, then watch him hitstun parry all of maximum wesker.


I don’t think it gets rid of damage.

By the way, parrying a full Plasma Storm and then going into Seven Rings is so fun.


wait you can parry in umvc3? lololololololololololololol


It still wastes my time, fuck it to hell.


Wait, you can parry in hitstun now?

Herpoes and Herpalds.


Read this as herpes initially


Trolled online parrying Dante’s whole super while getting hit.
That super took around 3x times more to finish.