So, accourding to the Skullgirls dev's


Feng is apparently in love with Cerebella.

I’m not trolling. I’m being completely serious. I think this is great for equality in society, and I think the skullgirls devs are great for doing this.



As long as it actually plays a part in the story then yeah sure it is neat. If it is just there to be “Hey look we have a gay character” then I don’t know. Although prefacing your post with I’m not trolling has me a bit weary that I’m replying to a troll. :frowning:


I’m not trolling, man. I just thought people would want to discuss this.


Well, you know, does it even matter? They make a cute couple and that’s basically it for me. Sure, drama and tension involving Feng’s distrust of Vitale, trying to warn Cerebella and getting on V’s bad side are all worth exploring in the story. But it’s a fighting game, don’t expect it to go all Strawberry Panic on us.

Yes, I think it’s a cool thing. I want it to be clear in their interactions but don’t expect fan-service.


So according to the devs, Roxie is black.

I’m not trolling. I’m completely serious. I think this is great for equality in society, and I think the skullgirls devs are great for doing this.



Chain trolling :3




There’s already enough Feng x Cerebella R34 floating around already, that’s what the internet is for :stuck_out_tongue:


You want a serious answer?

I’m repulsed by some of the “omg yes yay canon yuri!” reactions. I really hope it’s more than just for fans to get their jollies off and fantasize about.


It is. Do you think that lab zero would really be that tasteless?


No but that’s what is currently happening.


I think those people may be joking, at least partially.


Gonna need source on that.

Where did they say that


What are you hoping for? That LabZero is making some kind of Pro LGBT statement in the game? I say “meh”, if you take it to that kind of level, next thing you know, you’ll have the WBC protesting at evo. And it’s on the game where half the cast has Z-cup breasts, take it for what it is: a piece of the game’s lore with no effect on gameplay or story line (thus far).

On one of the Salty Cupcakes streams if I’m not mistaken. Someone might have additional details but that’s pretty much it.


Why make a thread on something like this when you don’t have proof beyond “They said it on that one thing that one time”?


Why would it even require proof if the dev says it, as an answer to q from a fan? God (prolly Alex)said it, so be it.
Is it worth a thread? IDK, your guess is as good as mine. But those two are definitely baking muffins together.


Let me rephrase that: does it bother you?


Zangief and Eagle are gay (Gief being more subtle), Venom in Guilty Gear is gay, they aren’t pushing a platform or in there to send a message of acceptance or whatever.

I also have yet to see a source of this devs saying Feng is a lesbian in love with Cerebella.

Wait would this be the first lesbian fighting game character?


Ok, you got me there, I have no clue. I know a couple of female characters that bend gender rules (one in last blade 2 and the samurai chick in GG), but not lesbians to speak of. That’s one of the downside of doing stuff on the down low, as far as the west is concerned. I never knew zangief was gay, I always thought it was a gay kind of character but that was a stereotype.
The guys at are more likely to know which stream this happened on. And TBH, that’s skullgirls and it’s community, shit happens at the speed of light, often because “why the fuck not”. But even before the game launcher, Bella’s profile stated she had a room mate; 1960’s speak for you know… waifu.

But if you need a real reason why: cuz Alex Ahad says so. He gave birth to each and every character in the game and he says Feng has the hots for Bella + they live together. I mean, the bigger the cast, the bigger the % that SOMEONE isn’t hetero, isn’t that plain logical? Just like, you know, the real world?


Cerebella is into Vitale afaik. Guess there’ll be more unrequited love.