So AE comes around, and they STILL haven't fixed this

This image should show you what I mean.

undoctored image

That’s still in there for Ricky O.

You are worried about that ?
Well, I was reading some of the page to wonder why Nemo, probably the best Chun player would drop her and he said somethign about Ultra 1. I didn’t catch all of it as my japanese is far from perfect and then on the same interview they show why: ?? ??GODSGARDEN??4Gamer???1???IV ???å???IV ???

Just check the quick video of Chun Li versus Rose.
Bottom line, Chun connects Ultra 1, and after the hit where when hit confirmed the opponent goes into the air in a tornado like kick, it suddenly wiffs (Yeah, after it confirmed) and then Chun falls in super low motion to get punished.

I hope they fix this for the consoles, or even the arcades in japan with a patch, or whatever. This clearly wasn’t intended in the first place. It’s not like “Hum, her Ultra 1 is too good, let’s make it punishable even when you land it completely on your opponent”.

Wow, that’s even more frustrating than Cody’s U2!!!

Just to make it clear, I’ve found a translation and apparently this wiff on Chun’s Ultra 1 is ONLY agaisnt Rose, so not much of a gamebreaker. Also, there were opinions of Mago, Tokido, Nemo and some others saying she’s still really good because unlike most shotos her normals are great.

Well, note on the Rose matchup: use Ultra 2.

First of all:

The thread was clearly a joke. No need to be so serious.

Second of all:

Learn to read. The translated version of the article has already made SRK front-page and the portion regarding Chun has already been posted in General Discussion, or one of the other stickied threads on this forum. It is not ONLY against Rose.

Using U2 against Rose is a bad choice. You will need U1 to shut down her reflect/fireball game, besides she can be tricky to hit with Kikosho after EX legs.

i fucking hate that, sometimes EX LL does 1~2 hits and kikosho just wont connect

that’s pretty funny.
@caruga, <3 the avatar! :stuck_out_tongue: