So after all this time, what team(s) have you stuck with?

I’m kinda bored and feel nostalgic after reading a lot of stuff from some old threads that I’ve posted in. Reminiscing can be fun, I guess.

I’ve migrated from teams with Guile and Ken to MSP to S/D (lots of practice, didn’t go very well though) to other top-tier teams (Sent/Commando can be fun). I think I’ve definitely had the most fun learning Team Row’s characters and I love playing that team. It’s probably my favorite. Sometimes I’ll switch to MSS-A but I like playing Cable/Sent-A. It’s just a fun duo to watch, I think.

For some reason, I’ve been addicted to playing Mag/Sent-A. It’s probably because of the damage potential. :lol: I think there’s also something really neat about calling Sent’s assist and triangle jumping and stuff with Magneto. For me, it doesn’t get much better than watching two good Mag/Sent-A players going at it. I especially enjoy MSS-A mirror matches because both players lack an anti-air and the characters are pretty much free to let loose and go kinda nuts. The counter assist calls, all the sj. ad stuff, and so on… it looks nice and it’s fun to watch IMO. It’s like art to me, haha.

I like how I can switch the team’s order (Row) pretty freely without much worry since all the assists are useful and benefit the other characters, too. I know it’s the not the absolute best team but it can still hang and I still try to learn new tricks for it from time to time.

after 10 months of mvc2… 2x a month of game play (ps2 & arcade)… i played almost every character in the game… i ended up with santhrax & shoto… my sent can do 5 fast fly variations now… my storm is below avg(still practicin tri lk, mk, hk)… and my commando is the strongest of the three…

i watched a lot of sanford’s matches(w/sent) especially the “sanford vs jwong” matches just to enhance my sent… and it worked out fine…

now, i’m currently training my storm based on jwong’s storm…

team duc since day 1. i always want to switch to row or mss but i hate magnus.

i’ve been playing for a lil under 2 years and my first real team was MSS but that was only on consle and i when i started playing in the arcades i couldnt do the rom so i started playing Duc and then some variations with doom and storm and commando but now i finally got my execution back up so now my main team is mag/storm/ironman

I have been playing this game so long that I have lost track. Here are some my favorite/useful teams:

charlie/silversam/cyclops (the dream team)
Colossus/sent/cyclops (really buff against those magnus based teams, sucks against capcom assist)

Recently been experimenting with magnus/colossus/cable. As you can tell, I tend to mix it up with lower tier characters, keeps the game interesting for me.

Team Tickle

I have been evolving a lot, and never stuck with the same team constant till now. I started off with Cyclops, juggy, capcom, and later moved on to Cable, sent, cyke.

Then I caught the low-tier fever, and now my team consists of Charlie, Samurai, and War Machine. I’ll swap out WM for Iron Man depending on who I am up against, and need more firepower.

After playing marvel for about 3 years at it’s top tier level, i’ve played many teams, Santhrax, MSS, Matrix,MSP, SSCable and bunch of teams with low tier characters.

The team i think i’ve played out the most was MSS, over all that team is good for starting to learn all 3, and still is good team even after you start to branch off to Msp and Santhrax for the times you wanna be serious.

I know how you fell Rowjoe fells, Mag/Sent-A fights are the best for Mag vs Mag.

santhrax and the games best hidden secret =) m/s/cap

mag/anything/psylock, in the beginning i used mag/sent/psy. i use mag/cab/psy as a backup team if team row fails me. there are two aa assists of mag is on point, but i usually start cable and run away. they get frustrated, careless, then call out a psy, and if that hits, ahvb. it annoys people.


Strider/Doom will always be my “I have to win this next match” team.

But I almost always play Guile/Akuma/CapCom.

All kinds of low-tier teams, but my serious team at first was MSP then Cab/Sent/Cyke. Now I’m trying out Storm/Sent/Cable, does this team have a name?

Any team that requires me to use Magneto, Storm, or Iron Man at point

Team Scrub was the first real team that I tried playing, and now I keep going back to it. Team Z I started messing around with when I first saw the Mike Z vids. Other than that, I like using random Cable/AA, various low-tier teams, and Team Watts.

msc, mss-a,mag/sent/cap,low tiers+tron,scrub,thrax,matrix,sscable,im/cable/doom

i dont like psy

low tier is the most fun now:wgrin:

I just pick Tron and then random select. If they’re good/serious with a good team, I then pick Cable and then random select.

Tron’s the only reason I still play. She’s just incredibly random and fun to play. (Megaman and Chun are hellaciously dumb fun too. Sooooo much crazy stuff you’ll never get tired of.)

almost any top tier teams without cable in it. see below . LOLz.

but mostly im stuck with either santhrax if i want a serious gameplay and msp if i want some fancy into it.

anything Iron man, megaman, captain america, marrow, anakaris, or magneto mostly now.

Lemme tell ya what a nigga’s been through on the Marvel tip! Boy looka here!

I originally went from my first two teams of Wolverine/Sabretooth/Akuma, and Magneto/Collosus/Psylocke back in 2000 to Strider/Cable/Doom and Doom/Cable/Blackheart. Then onto various random/Cable/Commando teams and onto Team Row for a minute while switching to different Mag/Storm teams.

Here’s what I’m rockin now!

Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-y (Gammarow son!)
Sentinel/Storm/Commando (This team will forever be sick. Storm/Commando is dope!)
MSP (I think Seattle MSP is gross cause either somethin bomb happens, or you get raped. Never any in between.)
WM/IM/Doom (ridiculously fun, until someone picks Sent/Cyclops hahah)