So after I promised about two years ago

at 8:30 this morning, i made the video i promised of my hands doing the rom infinite with my digital elph camera…


edit: wrong thread

edit2: matrix hands

matrix hands? wtf? haha

God hand

awesome technique. Im going to steal that from you.

It’s the claw technique. I find that the slide is much more reliable, but just kinda feels gay :rofl:

i think slide is too uncontrollable. i feel more solid with claw method…

i’ll do another video with slide method if you want.

I should rephrase that one…

On japanese layouts, the claw method is best, as it relies on your hand keeping in one position and just flicking the wrist to input lp+hp>lk. This method still runs more risk of drumming the buttons instead of tapping them together accidentally.

On an american layout (MAS sticks and the like), the slide method is more reliable, but requires a greater familiarity with your stick, because you must bring your hand back into position after sliding it down the face of your stick to do another rep. In other words, it’s just better if you have more control. I rarely see ROMs dropped due to execution with the slide.

see, i’m the other way… as a pianist, i’m much more comfortable with hitting both buttons at the same time, than sliding my wrist. i tend to slide on hk too much,

Ahh. I can understand. I used to hit hk a lot when learning, too. It’s just something you get used to. Muscle memory pretty crazy stuff… I sometimes pull my middle finger away when sliding a page back in a book because of it.

lol. wow.

Its upside down and confusing, please remake it. I can wait another 2 years

^^ I shall do this immediately. With multiple infinites, characters and techniques.^^

Vids ov hands…lmao…try to have some sort ov split-screen aspect during these vids (a la Clockw0rk vs DPC)…can possibly kill two birds with one stone…

Im curious about which methods the top players use? Players like Wong, Yipes, Sanford… I just watch videos.

slide typically for top players.

some just alternate, i randomly claw then slide.

Thanks very much for replying.

Hei Josh360 I watch some of your matches too, very nice Iron Man, congratulations!

is using slide why i see allot of marvel players with cloth gloves? like a fabric that would very easily slide on buttons. ive seen finesse with one at ffa and ive seen allot of pictures of yipes with one on.

yes, helps prevent friction, which causes redness and burning, calluses, blisters, ect.