So any chance we see any Disney characters sneak into this game?

I mean, we all know that this series was supposed to be dead. Capcom no longer had the rights to any Marvel likenesses after MVC2. Does anyone think that Disney purchasing Marvel had nothing to do with this series being revived? We all know Disney is much more involved in the video game industry than Marvel has ever been. Training mode stage = Tron background?


I wouldnt count on it personally, while all marvel characters are all technically disney characters, all disney characters are not marvel characters.

Mickey will be God Tier

Keep shitty disney chars from this game out plz capcom!

Keep shitty ones out, but put the good ones in like Mulan, Goliath, and Aladdin!

Who doesn’t want to see Marvel Hercules vs Disney Hercules? Or Black Heart vs James Woods Hades?


Oh yes, I’m absolutely sure we’ll see Aladdin, Genie and Winnie the Pooh.

Get fucking real.

Maybe everyone with more than half a brain?

That’s a big fucking no.

It doesn’t work like that anyway and the marvelgaming rights were lost by activision a while back, so they were free to do this It as nothing to do with disney.

Let it put it this way, How often do you see Batman team up with Daffy duck? Never!

Yes! Please do it Capcom!

Well they can’t.

Capcom don’t have a say what Marvel puts in the game and vice-versa?

I don’t know how it works, exactly.

Disney owns Marvel, but they let them do their own thing(Like their relationship with Pixar or DC’s relationship with WB). Also, Capcom only got the marvel license here.

The most Disney thing you’ll see in this game is Howard the Duck. Live with that.

Disney owns Doug, right?

Sentinel vs Skeeter… HONK HONK!

Yeah, Marvel still, like, exists people. Disney technically own the characters, but Marvel still has direct control over them. The only way a Disney character could get in the game is if Disney requested it, which I dont think they care enough about this project to do.

Not to mention that getting a Disney character into anything not made by the Mouse is one of the hardest things to do ever.

If there were Disney Characters, people would be fearing my deadly A-Sentinel/A-Darkwing/B-Hannah so much that no one would play.

It won’t happen though. I can’t believe you guys are still mad over the Disney/Marvel deal. :confused:

What a deprived fucking childhood you had. Niggas don’t wanna see marvel/disney Hercs thrown down, you sir are a bitch.

I hope they have the decency to make this NOT look like someone’s gay ass Mugen build.

donald duck air combos!

Fantasia DHC

I know it probably won’t happen but Fantasia Mickey or Evil/Epic Mickey could really be a great character. I’d much rather see shit like that with real classic Disney characters than see shit like Jafar or Beast or some other obvious ridiculous characters. I’m trying to see some Steamboat Willy.