So, anyone who has never attended a tournament ever before, are you making plans for EVO 2012?

I know I sure as hell am. Man, If 2012 has 10% of the hype that this one did, we’ll all be in for a treat.

This is the first Evo I remember where I felt that there were clear cut heroes/villians. You are rooting so hard and you just get so caught up in the hype, that you just catch yourself jumping up and down in front of your computer. I can imagine that it is ten times more amazing in person.

Who wants to start a ‘Stumblebee for 2012 donation drive?’ :wink:

I’ve already decided that I will be attending EVO 2012. I’ve been doing nothing but ironing out my skills in MK9, MvC3, SSFIV, BBCSII, and various other fighting games. I don’t strive to be #1, but I will bust my ass off to make a name for myself. MS needs more representation at major tournaments.

EVO 2011 = Mind blown.

I plan on going next year…I just couldn’t justify getting blown up but it seems like a blast to be in the environment.

Agreed! Louisiana showed up in full force this year. One of our top players actually KO’d Tokido from MvC3. One of the state’s best showings in a while.

I want to go not for the tournament, though that IS an incentive, but for the incredible energy that’s there. I really hope everyone rests up for the long trip home tomorrow, lol.

Iam going for sure Iam get in the lab for sf4 an grind as much as I can and go to as much tourneys as I can

hell yes that was an amazing event to watch, can not even imagine the atmosphere being there live! with UMVC3 coming out, marvel 3 level of competition will be insane! (my favorite EVO game).

I’m already planning, that was the first evo that I watched live. And now I have to see it in person. If it’s more hype then this year. I’m gonna go ballistic.

I think that we could come up with an alternative form of energy based from the hype created at EVO alone.

Louisiana is where I had my first fighting game tournament. I remember going when I was 8 years old and winning 2nd place at King of Fighters '96. It was casher than cash. I only wish I could spark that type of excitement in North MS.

Im going and hoping to make new friends and learn new stuff.

My only real fighting game tournament was a 9-person SSFIV tournament at my college. ( Bracket)

Who came out on top? This dude. :smiley:

Currently, no. I’m entering my senior year of college, then I plan to move out of the area. My goal is to find a job before Evo 2012. If something comes up where I get to go, i’m all for it, but I don’t see it happening.

I am definitely going next year because I will finally be 18 :slight_smile: and plus next year is super hype for me with SFxT and Soul Calibur 5 coming out I get to compete in those and UMvC3!

This one was insane. I met so many people, learned so much, and made so many friends. Plus, it was straight awesome.

Best thing ive ever been to.

Already made plans with a friend to go next year for sure. It should be easy to save up the money since we’re coming in from Cali. The stream was so goddamn hype that we have to go. I’ve been to PAX twice and I imagine it’ll be a similar feeling. Going to events that have such a strong community and passion for the same thing is always amazing.

I’m definitly down to go provided time and money allows it.

In my case, I never attended an INTERNATIONAL tournament before (specially, never came to a tournament outside Rio de Janeiro State, in Brazil). If I go to EVO 2012, it’ll be my first time in a tournament outside Brazil.

It’ll be extreme hard for me, since I’m in Brazil, so, I must save money right now to get the Passport and Permit (green card, whatever), travel to Vegas and reserve in hotel.

And I hope KOF 13 will be in EVO 2012 in Main Lineup.

Another brazilian here trying to make it to EVO, but I want a ride to Cali after the event, can someone help me out here? lol

It was definitely fun this year and I’ll try to make it again next year. Only real complaint is that the crowd is like a pregnant woman with mood swings. I mean it was funny when people were booing anyone playing against Noah but it’s just annoying when they’re booing people for running away from a character on x-factor just because the guy you wanted to win is losing. It’s one thing if you’ve been cheering for one player from the start but I’ve seen people who cheered for Poongko against Daigo but competely booed Poongko when he played against Latif. This is why no one like you US. You all ride more dicks than your porn stars.

I wanted to go this year, and I sure as hell wanna go next year. If this year is kind to me then hopefully I can get some financial stability and get to it

I know its uncertain but if MK returns I am going to go.