So apparently I was visited by Aliens last night


My girl swears up and down that while we were in bed she half woke up out of some kind of sleep paralysis because of a super bright light in the bedroom. She could just make out that I was levitating a foot off the bed and it was hot ass hell because the ac and the fan were off(they were on when we went to sleep). Then the I fell back on the bed and rolled over trying to get some more covers and the fan and ac slowly turned back on as the light turned off. She said she was up all night after that.

I don’t feel any different. My ass don’t hurt so I don’t think I got anal probe lol. I think she needs to lay off the horror movies off of Netflix.


oh dear… oh dear oh dear… oh dear oh dear OH dear…

well considering your username you called them to you. bet you have untold amounts of star children waddling in space :rofl:


So…have you ever had your shit pushed in? Because it looks like you just did.


Yo man, just because your ass feels fine doesn’t mean it is ok.
You better post pics just in case.


Man I wish I could levitate in my sleep. My girlfriend only tells me about my reenactments of movies or video games from earlier in the day. I’ve been told I laugh hysterically and yell in a Nico Belic voice “I WILL SHOOT YOU IN DEH FACE”.


Somebody was visited by Luna last night. Just be careful though. A certain tea troll might send you to her homeland soon.


Reading this post made me think of this for some reason:


it sounds like a night terror to me


It’s sleep paralysis type dreams. Happens to my wife all the time.

She has insane dreams.

One time she woke me up while still asleep and said, “Don’t kill me.”

To which she later explained, in her dream, she thought I was going to kill her.


Unless you suddenly have a giant satellite dish appearing out of your anus, I’ll guess you’re fine.


Man, that wasnt no aliens it was just Zul seeking the Key Master.



Sleep paralysis fucking SUCKS, by far the scariest thing I’ve experienced in my life


It was probably E.T. fingering you up the ass, that would explain the light…


Gawh, the stories I hear about that are fuckin’ trippy.

Had a friend of mine who lived in a haunted house, and during his time living there he always got sleep paralysis (yet never got it any where else, ever). Crazy ass fuckin’ stories about that house.


That was to heal the cuts to his butthole wall.



angelpalm is obviously possessed by a demon or Jesus Christ himself.


I was hallucinating a flat image, as if you just opened it up in any picture viewing program. But I was awake and couldn’t move.


Tell me about it, it is always scary or disturbing, even on the succubus type of night terrors, you cant stop feeling scared of what is happening :confused:


Even when I force myself to realize what’s going on, I just can’t help getting that feeling where I’m losing my mind
The worst is when you even hear something to go with the images


Tell your girl to get a breathe-right strip or stop doing PCP.