So, apparently people keep asking for donation refunds

The reason? It’s because their favorite characters got knocked out of the polls.

Not only is this beyond petty, but theirs going to be a second poll. What’s wrong with these people?

With over 15,000 backers, you’re going to get a few buttholes, and buttholes tend to be the most vocal people. Campaign’s over, and they knew what they where getting (I could understand with the tf2 hat thing), so I hope lab zero doesn’t give in and give them refunds.

It’s not about giving refunds. They were never going to do that.

The issue is with these people potentially going to their credit card companies and asking for a chargeback of their donations.

This situation is causing Paypal to hold a chunk of Lab Zero’s funds and creating issues all around.

This. I don’t know why this amazing community would act so immature and cause problems like this.

Amazing community? Lol, let me just give you a pro-tip: gaming communities in general are petty as fuck and tend to be filled with immature manchildren. The only difference between communities is whether or not the morons are a vocal or quiet majority. The fighting game community (which Skullgirls is an offshoot of) is no exception and is a particularly salty group, don’t be surprised if people kick up even more of a stink over not getting the characters they’re supposedly entitled to.

Fixed :~

I had the mind to ask mine back just because of the 360 version being delayed so much (and again just recently). It’s just annoying y’know. Even if it isnt “their fault”.

The levels of sense that doesn’t make is astounding.

Especially lame about refunds since they’re trying to get the perks lined up by next week sending out. This pettiness could mess up everything for everyone. Also don’t forget that if you donated 30+ you are GETTING THE FULL PATCHED GAME FOR PC. And all 5 characters free. I wish there was some way to track who’s refunding and exclude them from free characters.

Skullgirls has a great community though. The people that support and play the game all act really mature and nice nearly everywhere on the Internet, which is quite rare.

Gaming community usually= Poor man children.

I separate the Skullgirl fan base into two camps - the people who play the game and the people who enjoy it for everything but the game. Neither is particularly better than the other but they carry different mindsets. The majority of the money raised for Skullgirls were people who enjoy everything else about the game except for the game itself. Those are the type of people who are more likely to pull a stunt like this. The majority of the player base for Skullgirls are in it for the additional content and balance changes rather than whether if ‘x’ character makes it into the game or not.

The fan voted character was suppose to generate it’s own set of hype but it’s extremely unfortunate that people’s thoughts of self-entitlement has interfered with the development of this game. I really wonder about the thoughts of the dev team when they learned of this but they probably won’t comment on it for professional purposes.

This definitely leaves a nasty taste for everyone else though and I hope the Skullgirls fan base gets their act together.

I’ve been amused by Paypal’s actions in all this. They are worried people will commit friendly fraud and dispute the charge despite receiving everything as promised. Apparently they want LZ to protect them from credit card fraud…so what are all those paypal fees for, then?

Honestly, I can’t really imagine anyone but hat and $1 monsters really going through with this. Hat monsters because there is some semblance of an argument there and $1 monsters because they figure $1 isn’t worth anybody’s trouble in fighting it.

The Hat monsters had plenty of time to ask for a refund during the campaign so it makes no sense for them to ask after it finished. I can’t imagine too many people requesting a refund but Paypal are notorious cunts so I have no idea there.

Wow. What a bunch of jerks.

This is why i dont use paypal

Did they email people letting them know the tf2 promotion was cancelled or something? If not, I’d venture to guess plenty of people who donated just for the tf2 hat still don’t know they aren’t getting it.

There were numerous announcements and e-mails sent out about the hat cancellation.

Highlighting my only discrepancy with the post. I don’t wanna go down the road of game comparisons and why x game is and isn’t bad, but the Skullgirls community is as bad/good as the rest of the fighting game communities. They’re critical of people that play other games and are constantly comparing it with other titles or bitching that it isn’t more popular, which is the basic gist of any game that isn’t the ''main titles". But at the same time there a lot of people that call Skullgirls pedo-bait tumblr shit, so it evens out.

You might know nice people in the community, as do I in the Marvel/Street Fighter/KOF/Guilty Gear/Injustice scene, but to say all people are nice and mature is a bit silly, as it would be to say the same about any of the games I just mentioned. To further highlight what I mean, look at the people chucking a hissy over not getting their characters.

I just… It makes me sad you guys. I thought people where donating out of the kindness of their own hearts and wanted to see the game they love so much continue to grow. This whole thing just ruins the good feeling I got looking at what they’ve accomplished.

The one time I thought people weren’t being selfish jerks and I was wrong. Why?