So, apparently people keep asking for donation refunds


PayPal really needs to overhaul their payment policies. My dad sells a bunch of shit on Craigslist and he instantly gives a no to any buyer offering PayPal specifically because of stuff like this. They make it easy to fuck somebody over.


I gave $50, for which I will get:
The soundtrack;
Some art for my desktop wallpaper;
A poster;
A digital version of Alex Ahad’s sketch book;
Half-minute-hero, which I was intrigued by even before the indiegogo campaign.
Potentially some additional digital item;
Skullgirls on steam with beta access, which I would have paid $50 for by itself.
No charity about it. I got my money’s worth.


I want Panzerfaust! Not this weaboo shit! REFUND ME NOW!


That matches your avatar so well.


What a bunch of self-entitled assholes.


Well, looks like I found one of the dipshits.


People don’t seem to get that you’re not shopping for stuff when donating to Kickstarter or Indiegogo and such. You’re donating money to the developers or company to make a product.
Sure you can get some sweet rewards for your donation but thats fully optional.


What a dickhead. I don’t even know what he’s attempting to say. Is he trying to say that he didn’t know about the voting and crap? Or that lab zero deserves to have their funds frozen?


Don’t feed the trolls.


I don’t even know what the fuck this means. I’m sure Labzero has been spending the money on booze and blow right guys? It’s not like we see progress with Squigly every fucking week or anything.

EDIT: FYI that is from the evenhubs link that D3v threw up here.


Yeah that guy is a complete and utter a**hole, overgrown man child who thinks he gets what he wants when he wants it, that jack ass needs a reality check


Here’s something interesting.

It sounds like it’s really Paypal causing the issue. The article said that the community only threatened charge backs but no confirmation of people that actually did it. Also the issue is mostly resolved as Paypal unfroze the Skull Girl’s account but they are holding $35,000 as collateral.

It sounded like it was a serious community issue, but it looks like it’s already over.


Didn’t lab zero already address this at the last salty cupcakes? They said if the original 8 where being revealed now, everyone would be freaking out over Peacock. Anybody freaking out over Minette is too stupid to pay attention and realize Mike Z says he’ll never make a purposely bad character.


I don’t understand that line about Peacock.
Back when the original 8 were being announced Peacock convinced a few people, including myself, to try the game because her many old school cartoon references and and her attitude. Nothing about her is reminiscent of moe (not even sure I’m using that word right) anime characters or anything similar to that and she doesn’t do any “accidental fighting”. I like Peacock a lot, but I really am not interested in Minette, because I don’t care for cute characters and I really don’t like the idea of her fighting people by being clumsy and making accidents.

That being said if Minette gets in it’s not like it’ll hurt the game some how.


…Could somebody translate that for me, please? I didn’t understand a word of what that guy was saying. What does the Red Cross have to do with anything here?


He’s saying they where bei dishonest with the money they made. Which anyone with a fracking brain can see is not the case.