So, apparently the Genesis version of Turbo was going to be MUCH better (beta vid)

This was the Genesis Turbo beta. It has much better music, voices and animation than the final game. Searching, the Genesis had the same (less powerful) processor as the CPS1, and it was still more powerful than the SNES, enabling a “better” game than the SNES.

As it is, the only time they took advantage of the Genesis CPU VS the SNES, was giving the Super SF2 entrance all the animation frames, wheras it was missing much on SNES.

Why did SF2 come out lesser?

It was scrapped in that form to be launched closer to the SNES Turbo launch.


Gameplay, showing differences. Like the shoto jumping frame with the closer leg infront, and Shoto’s with ARCADE quality idle poses. Even other movements look more fluid. Of course some stuff isnt finished. But that would have been so awesome. Voices were much cleaner too. Also, included the “near death” music.


It would have been great, especially for Super SF2, where the Genesis lacked ANY redeemable qualities to the SNES version.

Heres the soundtrack ripped from the beta. Sound VERY close to the arcade.

Looking for it now. LOL.

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everybody sounds high pitched in the beta… other than that it looks better.

The Genesis was inferior in pretty much every way to the SNES except for its CPU. So even if the game had had all the frames of animation, it still would have looked and sounded ugly. Any time they had arcade ports that were released on both systems, the SNES version was usually better.

Kicks sounded like they were fighting underwater.

The music in the retail Genesis SCE was better (not cleaner) than the SNES music as it was. The beta music was 10x better than the retail music. Atleast most of the tracks. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Balrog sound SPOT on ARCADE.

I just d/l’d it.

Although this music sounds nearly aracde exact, you can tell its on a Genesis, as half the instruments cut out when you do moves, so I could tell why theytoned the music down.

I noticed that some stuff was taken from SNES WW, like Barlrog (he was redrawn for SNES Turbo/Gen SCE) and some frames. I noticed that even Ryu headband moved, and the belt wasnt stiff as he walked.

Now Super SF2 arcade music was mimicked greatly by the SNES in the American version on SSF2.

Overall, I do agree with the ports. I had both in the day. MK, NBA Jam, Earthworm Jim… whatever you could play on both, it was smartest to roll with the SNES version.

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I dunno, I wasn’t so convinced with the music in the Genesis version. I had all the SNES versions though as well as the Genesis version of SFT and the music on the SNES was always much better. As I recall, the SNES could have more simultaneous channels couldn’t it?

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Yeah, I think it’s an interesting conversation. I remember how pissed off SNES owners were when Special Champion Edition was announced on Genesis before SFTurbo was announced on SNES, Lol!

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Anyway, it’s interesting seeing this beta. The sound definitely has some issues. The music sounds really good, but gets cut off by any other SFX, and some of the SFX sound great but others… I’m hoping they’re just placeholders since it’s a beta. Oh well, at the time I was just happy to have SF2 on the Gen at all since I didn’t have a SNES.

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Isn’t the usually cited reason for downsampling music/sounds/graphics and removing animation frames due to the cart size rather than the CPU? Otherwise the cart would have to be like 128mbit and would have cost $500.

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