So apparently Twinkies will not survive the apocalypse

Part of me is a bit sad that a company that’s been in business for such a long time is going out of business, but maybe it’s a sign that people are eating healthier.

Still though I doubt that this will be the end for Twinkies. That recipe has to be worth millions. It’ll probably get sold to some other company.

Why were the workers going on strike?

They didn’t like the company’s plan to avoid bankruptcy. Bankruptcy happened anyway.

That is pretty messed up - 5,000 workers didn’t like the new contract, so they went on strike and now they have no contract at all.

Meanwhile, 18,500 total employees are going to be without jobs now.

That is an unfortunate case of some union leaders fucking up by calling the bluff. There is no bluff. You’re all out of jobs now and we are out of Twinkies.

That is not possible, Zombieland could never lie to me! >:(

It looks like bankruptcy would have happened anyway, but the union accelerated it.

I’m going to have to make deep fried twinkie casserole for thanksgiving.

WTF. Also it seems people are blaming this our president. well the people i work with anyway.

Life is no longer worth living.

Well shit now we have to hoard as many boxes of Twinkies that we can, since they are now a nonrenewable resource.

I’m leaving for Walmart right now.

He who controls the Twinkies controls the world.

Twinkies go stale pretty damn fast.

It sucks for that many people to be out of jobs. On one hand, the union president is sitting pretty with his $210K a year pay and the union not making concessions in a changing economy since the 1980s. Then you have the executives who came in since the company became privatized in 2004 not bending much either, but here’s a better story covering this entire ordeal. It’s a shame, but what can you do?

Time to stockpile and flash-freeze.

Meh, somebody else will buy up the rights. Keep in mind, in Canada, companies already own the Canadian rights to most Hostess products, including the amazing Wonder Bread. So just stock up during the next Canada Cup

according to some Yank’s I talk to, most snack food aisles in the States are being cleared out of twinkies, and look like something from Soviet Russia now

Pour a 40…

Labor unions have done a poor job adapting to the modern economy. They need to do better.

Please note, this means other delicious products from Hostess will be unavailable. That means, no more Zingers, no more Ho-Hos, no more Snowballs, no more Fruitcakes.

Let the E-Bay price wars begin.

Damn, i’m going to go buy a pack today. I’m going to miss the ding dongs :"(

Why is this all over the internet?

I’ve had a Twinkie like, once in my entire life. :rofl:

Twinkies were never top tier during the 90s when you could buy a cake for 25 cents.

#zebracakes :coffee: