So apparently Twinkies will not survive the apocalypse

RIP Devil Dogs, didn’t think Hostess would be in that much financial trouble to disintegrate that quickly.

People act like if there weren’t alternatives

Said that, it really sucks for those 18500 people who are losing their job, man that surely blows

If you haven’t had one fried, you haven’t lived. Same goes with the Oreos…god damn…

Eww fried oreos :confused:

Gahh! Its all my fault.

I used to be the cookie monster equivalent of twinkies(and various other hostess snack cakes) till i made an unbreakable pact with the gods. Forever depriving myself of such deliciousness, in exchange for weightloss and being buff. Damn my vanity!

Forgive me…

Unions killed our supply of Twinkies. Ain’t that some shit.

I blame their overreaching union. “We can’t have what we want? Well, we’d rather not work!” Wish granted. It’s really stupid.

Crisis Averted.

Step your snack game up.
Y’all haven’t lived until you’ve tried frozen Gansitos.

Twinkies reminds me of Reginald VelJohnson’s character from Die Hard.

This is quickly going to turn into another candy tier list thread. :coffee:

My Grandmother blamed Obama when she failed to win the Lottery.

Seems easy to blame your president for anything. I blame Obama because I can’t get a job.


I live in Canada.

Hostess gone
That Twinkie DEAD :shake:

hmm i hate labor unions, however in this case, the company was saying they couldn’t stay profitable and wanted an 8% reduction in worker pay, yet they tripled all the top brass salary. so after finding that out, my opinion changes a little.

still, fuck labor unions. especially teacher unions. protecting incompetent baddies all day every day.

They ruined my fruit pies by changing the filling so fuck’em.

Little Debbie Twinkies

PFFT…family guy predicted it all.

Nearby Wal-Mart already sold out!!
Must expand horizons!
I WILL get those damn Twinkies!!!

wowwwww, that HOOD shit. Gonna have some Tampico to wash it down?