So are arcades truly dead?

Since clearly the games are moving away from the arcades to the console. Soul calibur 3 being console only and i’d assume tekken 6 is as well. Is the arcade dead, we used to buy these games the practife our moves at home to defeat our opponents in the arcade. But it seems that option is not going to be open much longer. Especially with the potential to have online games.


Conolses killed the arcade star.

true dat

sad but tru

Online gaming did too. Nice av. :tup: But this sucks though cause I was plan on beasting on ramdom people when SC3 comes to the aracde but I guess I’ll just have to beast on friends instead.

I don’t know those damn loosers who prefer to play at home though.


i guess the tournament mode is supposed to make gaming tournaments easier since they have the built in brackets? but arcades loose out…but it seems tournies were headed towards console only anyways.

seems like they cut the fat they saw where the trends were headed and said fuck it we held back long enough.

Conventional arcades are dead because the people in charge are trying to run them like it’s the 90s, without the constant stream of new releases.

The “it’s dead, get over it” attitude is painfully short-sighted, I’d go on a big rant here but Seth Killian already did it better in The Once and Future Arcade in dom101. It kills me that fighting gamers are so eager to usher in the age of nerd cliques in basements when PC gamers are playing in LAN centers (admittedly, these places don’t have astounding track records either, but I’ve seen them pay their bills – haven’t seen an arcade do that in a few years now).

arcades died because it has gotten to that point were its to expensive,and the owners stop giving a damn about the fighting seen and focus or more useless namco.All it takes is for a someone thats srks to run a arcade,it would be tournaments more fighing games more events,but instead all the people that works in arcades are scrubs and all they play is ddr and racing having a srk gamer running a aracade is to good to be that will never happen.yea scrubs run arcades,so…fuck it

Isn’t Sega trying to do something w/ Arcades?

What is the point of this thread? you’ve noticed that SC3 isn’t an arcade game and assumed that tekken 6 won’t be, which seems a little silly. so are arcades truly dead? well they weren’t last time I checked. or did everyone stop making arcade games this week?

Really? What is it? I’m very interested in knowing, if someone can help me out.

That is simply a part of the transition, while people are figuring out what the next ‘arcade’ type business will be, the players are going to continue to play somwhere. All giving
those people arcades does is delay the inevitable.

The arcade model is broken beyond repair, and really died a number of years ago. I would much rather take a look at current consoles and technology and figure out a business model based on them then continuing to beat a dead horse.

Our local arcade is managed by a registered SRK member, and it’s a great place to play fighting games but that’s about it. Scrub money spends just as well as “hardcore” money, and there’s a fuckton more of it going around. That’s not the problem.

No, I agree with you. I just don’t get why people are so sure that arcades are dead when the real issue is that the coin-op Underpants Gnome model doesn’t work any longer. The MO “scene” is like that too, people will travel two hours to play at someone’s house and I don’t have a problem with that.

I just hate hearing “just let it go” when people are honestly asking what the next step is.

Honestly, the next step can’t be tournaments- you can’t have a tourney every day. Arcades have to stay open every day. What’s needed is a cheap time-killer in a place where a lot of people have cheap time-killers, like college campuses…

The problem then is America. Because in a good deal of america, land is cheaper the further from the city you get so a lot (not everybody) but a lot of people live a long way from each other. This means you’d need a lot more cheap-time killers for it to be convenient for people to use them. However to do that is too expensive and thus very few people kill time at the arcades. Thus most arcades become losing ventures and thus the arcade scene dies out. In japan everything is close to together and the population concentration is high such that you can put those cheap time killers anywhere and there will always be more than enough people using them to keep them in business (in fact it’s closer to too many people as it costs about 100yen/play). Am I making any sense?

if people didnt have a social life… then i’d say… arcades would live… but people go out… not to play video games… but to do other things… also… there is no promotion for video games competition… i mean… if they had people/fans/maintstream league… plus home consoles & online capability… gas flaring up!! … i dotn know… arcades are slowly dying… but fighting games will somehow stay alive i think… just because playing against computer is boring as fuck… and… DDR will die out as well… i dont know how to sum it up but… my way of reviving arcades is…

  1. free sex for winners

other than that… arcades are doomed…

Gas is one of the reasons why I can’t go as often. I stay on the opposite side of town. :sad:

Hmmm, I got an arcade about 45 minutes from here that’s in Montgomery, Alabama where you can get a good 10 guys crowding around you wanting to play Marvel. Same for Soul Calibur and Tekken. Can’t remember if they had other fighting games in there besides that. Anyways, I rather enjoyed what I saw, I mean there were guys asleep propped against the Marvel arcade machine that would wait for people to play. These guys actually make a day and night out of hanging out in the arcade on Fridays and Saturdays looking for competition. And everybody knew everybody and even the workers running the arcade are laughing and having a good time cutting up with all the guys. I mean, fucking guys in business suits carrying McDonald’s bags would come in and play Marvel and SC, lmao. Funny, onetime a guy dressed in a business suit walked in there and put his money in the MvC2 arcade and a guy passed out beside the machine got up and put his money in and looked at him and said “What you all dressed up for nigga, you trying to move up in the world, trying to sophisticate your gameplay?!”. The other guy just laughed, meanwhile there’s tons of that type of cutting up with people screaming “Rape!! Magnus!!!” that kind of stuff in the background while you play. Good stuff, and it’s too bad that they’re aren’t many many more arcades like that one.