So are video games dying out?

I work at a school, think I said that a hundred times already. I walked past this essay from some 2nd or 3rd grader girl, she’s clearly gonna grow up to be a man-hating snitch. The essay just went on about how video games are bad for your health and a waste of time. HUH WHAT. Since when do children give a shit about health or wasting time. They’re supposed to be convinced that science will discover something that’ll make everyone live to 1000, and time travel and spaceships and green alien pussy. But instead this hyper-paranoid society hamstrung the ambition and aspirations of somebody born about 6 years ago.

But it really made me wonder about the “Big Three” and the entire ecosystem of console games. PS3 and 360 did okay but it didn’t set the world on fire. Hard core gore in entertainment is an 80s/90s/00s relic-- shit that old people like me relate to. The finger pointing after the recent mass shootings (not just in the US) is aimed at “violent video games.”

Couple that with the rise in throwaway mobile gaming, Sony drastically downsizing, and Microsoft’s half-ass commitment in the industry, and Nintendo using look-at-me gimmicks to stay relevant… I dunno. I seriously doubt video games will ever go away entirely, and at worst, hard core gaming would have to just return to the basement hobby it once was… but the big budget commitment we’re all used to can’t be sustainable if the mainstream starts to frown upon the hobby.

The violent video game controversy in the 90s was different, because it was cool for that generation growing up. If the government wags their finger at gaming again and blames society’s ills on the medium, it might be a different outcome if today’s youth doesn’t care, and are actually drinking the “games are Satan” kool aid.

EDIT: Lemme tldr all that. On top of underwhelming console sales, bloated dev costs, and growing negative stigma towards the hobby, do kids these days even like games anymore? The industry as we’ve known it is in some shit if that’s the case.

I wouldn’t freak out over what some little asian kid wrote on their essay. They’ll be playing StarCraft before they know it.

Edit: If they aren’t playing StarCraft, they’ll be playing some life consuming time-sink free MMO game or something, most likely made in Korea.

  1. Why the fuck are you listening to a 3rd grader?
  2. Chances are her parents wrote the essay for her, or just told her what to write about.
  3. When was the last time a console set the world on fire? Nes?
  1. Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2.

As long as SEGA keep releasing excellent fighting games, I still want in. Capcom, I don’t really hold much hope for at this stage. Nintendo kinda went off the boil in the 90s IMO. It still shocks me how rapidly Sony went downhill this era. I would clap my hands if the whole western made FPS and GTA sector went bankrupt tomorrow. For me, gaming is a precision Japanese art-form, from Mario 3 to Final Showdown.

That’s who video games are supposed to be marketed to! Not to depressed and unemployed adults. Even with M-rated games, it’s supposed to appeal to kids, in a “you want what’s bad” kind of way. It’s as crazy as kids thinking that candy and hamburgers are bad for you!.. but wait, they already do.

That essay about “bad video games” made me think of old guys in New York who play Reasonable Doubt in their SUV at volume 10, in denial that 1997 was 16 years ago. Sure it’s hardcore and loud and imposing, but kids and teens just aren’t into that shit. It’s stuff their parents are into. Kids don’t associate “cool” with anything their parents liked.

And it was a 3rd grade-level “essay,” but nothing phases me anymore and I wouldn’t be surprised if her sub-literate retired club slut parent wrote it.

as a whole, probably not. But there are genres that are definitely dying.

It might not seem like it now, but First Person Shooters will die this decade, if not, the next. The genre is creatively bankrupt, leaving most, if not all, FPS games to be homogenized. i.e. tacking on an ADS mechanic for a pseudo-realistic casual fest, or an extremely precise but extremely bland twitch based shooters for neckbeard crackers.

puzzle games are kind of dead, but there’s a scene arising for it.

point and click games are pretty much dead because you can do the same thing for free e.g. the internet.

don’t know too much about the future of fighting games. Just as long as they don’t dumb it down for the swag-less, i’m fine.

Sounds like you’re an adult still playing kid consoles.

Switch over to PC Master Race and get back to us.

Retro NES stores fading out to stupidass moe shit is what’s going wrong over there in nihon.

This is the problem in the West

Or the nonstop grind of MMO’s and these LoL/DotA games that take up everyone’s time.

Good grief, the HAX-man made a post I can comprehend and concur with giddy

MMOs… you’d have a happier time putting the sub money into a heroin addiction :smokin: Seen too many good gamers get sucked into that hell, so sad :wasted:

Video game sales are doing fine so you can stop worrying the CIA will record your thoughts via tooth implants. The medium of video games is still very new compared to film, tv, books, etc, so it’s only natural there exists some opposition to what others don’t understand, that’s the way it’s always been. Currently there are lots of people who actually question and/or deny video games as art, a few decades from now such an ignorant notion will illicit embarrassed laughs. Video games are currently on the threshold of becoming as much a staple of pop culture as any other entertainment medium. In fact people are increasingly taking the stance that the appeal of video games is universal and that it’s just a matter of finding what one enjoys.

When I was a young kid I had a Commodore 64, waited for 20 minutes for a cassette tape to load a game like Frogger. Simplicity at its best. I really wanted a SNES but ended up getting an Amiga 500. My version of SFII came on 3-4 floppy discs and had slowdown, I played it with the worst game pad ever invented. Games like SFII’s had got huge in arcades. Games like MK came along that were extremely visceral at the time. I remember seeing MK for the first time, I watched people play it at the arcade for hours. Being able to get games like those back at home was still a fairly new thing and home gaming was actually evolving in all types of different ways at that time. At this exact time the Arcades still led the way for presentation and gameplay.

Now I don’t know if gaming has to continually evolve, but when I think about how I grew up with games and what I have seen happen with the industry as a whole in my time. I wouldn’t trade that to be born in 2000. Some of us did grow up wanting what we couldn’t have. Those arcades were designed to mesmerize young kids like us but they also promoted social interaction. I remember the SMALL sweet shop 2 minutes from my school had SFEX, SSF2T, SS2, Tekken + XvSF. That is unheard of these days, it just would not happen. Everything to do with gaming did evolve in my time, I have loads of great memories that involve gaming. From the evolution, to social memories outdoors and in. 2d to 3d. And now I’ve seen what has happened with the last few generations too. I have a healthy respect for the industry and where it has got to, because I was there to see where it had come from.

I don’t think video games are dying out, but if you were a kid these days you would most likely be used to seeing most of what is being presented to you. Software line ups are over saturated with games trying to follow COD’s lead. Whole other gaming genres beyond just FPS games are being influenced by this. I grew up in a time like a lot of other people here where you were forced to judge most games by their gameplay alone. These days review sites judge presentation, story, graphics etc and could make you believe that some fun games are not worth playing based off of those factors. A fair few games get put in a niche category and get lost underneath the swarm of FPS and TPS games being released around the same time.

I tried the Wii-U the other day. My friend had bought one around Christmas time. We played the ghost mansion game for over an hour or so and had a lot of fun with it. I really admire Nintendo more than anything for trying to put out games that are fun to play over anything else. I would like to see more innovation from the bigger software companies. For a while now the industry has been caught up in a polygon pushing race, I think it needs to cool off and focus a little more on creativity and innovation. The first time experiencing something can be a very special thing, the market as a whole is over saturated and fronted by companies that are too afraid to take a risk. I know it all comes down to money but I still wish I could see more innovative products from especially Sony and MS - who are basically the arcades/home console all in one entertainment for children and adults alike these days. Then we have what used to be good game developers copying blueprints based off of other companies successful endeavours. Capcom, I’m looking at you - you used to be amazing.

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry at this point. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Video games are far too profitable at the moment for things to just suddenly go and die.
Media can point fingers here and there
People can hate on video games and people who play video games all they want. But at the end of the day video games make money all over the world.
If it suddenly stops being mainstream then it’s like you said, it will go back to being the basement hobby for the dedicated enthusiast in which case just like back in then there will be the dedicated companies(more Japanese then American) that will appeal to the niche crowd.

Not to mention most video games come from Japan anyway so there would have to be something going on there in order for games to truly die out.

Taito I expected more from you. You seem so pessimistic. Game sales have been underwhelming because people are tired of playing similar games that they played last year and the year before that along with the fact that these consoles are going on 8 years old! We’ve had great changes in the way we consume games since the launch of the 360. I wouldn’t start speculating about the industry until 2014 once the new consoles have had time to launch.

^Also this.

Maybe my title isn’t worded the right way. I didn’t want to say “mainstream gaming” because right now, that means smartphone shit as well as console gaming. Video games will be around for good, absolutely. I just think the long-running console gaming industry is in for hard times, if I’m right that kids are taking the hobby of video games for granted. And it’s easy to just look at it as that thing some people do, instead of having an attachment to and publisher or developer or franchise, because there are tons of different ways to play popular games. So all that stuff about gaming as an art form etc might be realized one day, but Sony, Microsoft, maybe even Nintendo might not be part of it.

Maybe I read too many trolling opinions on stupid trolling gaming websites, about ‘outrageously offensive’ sexualized female characters or ‘repulsively barbaric’ video game violence, but I was caught off-guard when I saw a kid at grade school write up a typical Neogaf post. Anyway bedtime.

^Stay away from Neogaf. I keep going even though I can’t post and I so BADLY want to. You’d think a place as exclusive as that would have most intelligent video game players on the internet but nooooo. They are unimaginative, cynical, and narrow minded.

No, pay-to-win is dominating, lol.

Also, kids more than ever want to play shit that their not old enough to play.
Great thing about NES and SNES was that most of the games were for kids.

Arcades were the first thing were little kids wanted to play shit the older kids were playing.
If you ask a kid what COD or HALO is about, they’ll tell you multiplayer.

Also, COmpanies are scared of their older games, which is why capcom wont release CvS2 (proabably ontop of having to pay SNK, GJ JAP EA!)
Epic doesn’t release UT either.
Valve does great because of their subtle changes to games like CS.
Even DOTA 2 isn’t that different, they just made it prettier. People don’t play it as much cuz FT dota has ALL the characters, new ones, and keep getting updates… SON!

Too bad I can only Like this post once.

Hopefully Sony/MS shows something interesting this year, because it’s really interesting what can be done with Android or Linux and a Kickstarter. I mock Nintendo gimmicks, but I think they understand that a box and a controller, that plays games the way they have for decades, isn’t hard to replicate on the cheap.

Well, you missed out on one important fact.

What a parent says to their child is that child’s inner voice. If this is what a kid’s got on their mind, then I’m just as curious as to what their parents might have on theirs. Actually… not really.

I think the pool of video games gradually became less interesting over time, granted my love for them remains the same. I never cared of Pac-Man all my life until about a few weeks ago, and my reaction from playing Pac-Man DX CE was like… "… so this is what a real video game feels like… I haven’t felt like this since the first day I loaded up SMB on a new NES, or that feeling you got when for the first time you heard this: [media=youtube]J46RY4PU8a8[/media]

I’m guilty. The sense that progress (in many forms) is virtually endless and often results into something “prettier” and powerful in the end was an addiction in itself. However, it wasn’t free from becoming a bore. I did meet some really hot nerdy chicks (in person) across the country from it. I’m over that now. Never going back to MMOs. It can swallow your soul.