So are we in for another generation of having to buy sticks for both consoles?


I’m just wondering if sticks will, finally, be universal or not. I don’t see why they would make them universal, but there’s a little glimmer of hope.

MS and Sony wont allow it for their licensees.

I hope the PS360+ continues to get firmware updates for compatibility…

I wonder how many years it will take them to get this thing patched to work on Xbox One (If ever)

Won’t matter, Xbone is dead anyways.

The true question is if those folks can get the PS360+ to work on the PS4.

I dont see why everyone is so sure the xbone is dead :stuck_out_tongue: Just like everything else on the internet, all I see is a bunch of knee jerk reactions to statements we have little information about.

Except we already have more than enough information to make a choice, unless off course you think that having to log on once every 24 hours is something that’ll be welcomed by the FGC, especially TOs (here’s a tip: no it won’t be, this thing is the absolute worst shit ever for tournament organizers).

Its not dead, it is a miscarriage. The baby died before it was born.


Not just tourney organizers, anyone who takes the console while traveling (most hotel wifi is shit and is slower than 56k dial-up), anyone whose towns lack reliable high speed broadband, more than half of the United States can’t get the Xbox One.
These people are either in rural areas that lack reliable high speed broadband or live in areas subject to horrible weather (like tornados) lose internet (and power) for days at a time, and even with your power in 24 hours your internet is still out for days longer.

3g/4g internet is not suitable for a Xbox 360 connection, so forget a Xbone. Also you want to factor in mobile internet data caps and throttling.

Satellite Broadband isn’t the best (slow and prone to loose connections) and is hugely affected by weather and atmospheric conditions.

Only Americans who gets reliable internet are those who live in Large Metropolitan areas where the ISP are provided by a cable company (ex Comcast), a telephone utility provider (ex Verizon) or a specially internet company with their own fiber optic network.

AOL still have over 3.5 million subscribers. The FCC estimates there a total of 93 million Americans don’t use fast, broadband Internet.

And thats just the United States, I am sure there parts of Europe and Asia that still do not have electricity yet.


Little information? Xbone is the most tournament-unfriendly console ever conceived. Allegedly, the creators of the new KI are addressing tourney concerns with MS because even they know these dumb 24 hour online checks and DRM practices are terrible for their game.

And until MS actually releases a direct statement and clear plan to address the concerns (Hint: they probably don’t give a shit, they have a lot of problems on their hands atm), we have a right to react angrily.

I don’t believe Xbone will be dead, it will sell due to it’s appeal to CODbros and whatnot. But as for us in the FGC, its dead on arrival.

I agree with d3v on both his posts…

And for the millionth time, shouldn’t it be clear by now that Sony AND MS won’t allow a legal, dual-console joystick to be released? They make money off of licensed hardware and neither really wants an all-in-one solution that benefits the other company, either!

MS got greedy and stupid. That sinks companies in this business in the long run.
You cannot continue to screw people with greedy business practices, subpar hardware add-ons, and stupid marketing decisions and PR!
Look what happened to Sega, look at what’s happening with Nintendo now, and look at how MS will likely lose this round of consoles because of their sheer stupidity pre-launch.

Mark my words – IF they don’t loosen up and change their views and policies, XBoner is cooked and done for.

People don’t want software that works with only one console like the case is with PC’s. THAT’S the reason GameStop and other videogame stores stopped taking in used PC software. OEM/one-computer-only software with lock keys/serial numbers is not attractive to gamers. Nor is forcing people to pay an additional $10 to unlock used software for their consoles. Nobody wanted this crap on consoles because there are still a bunch of us who resell their games to buy newer games or trade in for used copies of out-of-print games. Nobody wants things more complicated than they already are! And nobody in their right mind wants a company to tell them what they can and can’t do with software on disc once it’s paid-for.

It’s amazing that I’m saying Sony made all the right moves this time!

There was a period of close to 5 years where I did NOT buy Sony product and got rid of all my PS1 peripherals and games after my PS1 console died for good… I am not one of these suckers who’s going to go through 4-5 defective consoles to play games. The manufacturer better get it right and I keep a functional console for at least 5 years, or they should get the hell out of the field. I, for one, would not miss MS if they leave the game industry… Couldn’t happen to a nicer company!

I just hope we never fall back to the days of there being only one viable company and one decent console. I don’t want to see what happened to PC’s with MS and its buggy Windows software happen to the videogame industry with one company in charge. Much as I wish otherwise Sega is cooked for good, and Nintendo looks like it’s on its way out as a console maker… Those companies did it to themselves just as it looks like MS is right now.

I think things are clear enough to say this – you have to be delusional or love getting pick-pocketed to continue supporting MS after this recent E3.

there will always be ps2 to xxxxxx converters available pretty quick, and I’ve got a couple TEs and a sfae stick with the white ps1 dualshock pcb’s in, and soon i can add a vshg and a nitewalker and magocyber stick to that list

and also there may not be any fighting games that you may want to play that are released on the new consoles

i bought a ps3 very late, and i own 4 games, hd remix, 3rd strike and mk arcade collection, and gt5 with a gt27 wheel, i don’t see myself jumping to next gen

You must have watched different press conferences than the rest of us. Buying an Xboned is tantamount to failing an IQ test. Who in their right mind would possibly want to pay more for a weaker system with region locks and really intrusive DRM?

Precisely. If Street Fighter 5 came out, was the greatest and most balanced fighter ever, and was an Xboner exclusive, I still wouldn’t buy an Xboner.

maybe completely wrong but could those with current gen sticks add Ann official ps1/2 pcb to their sticks, and then use toodles fgwidget, sacrifice a next gen controller and they all set? it won’t be cheap but is it technically possible?

Getting back on topic.

What I’d like to see Kickstarted/Indiegogoed, is a set of replacement control panels that fit in MadCatz and Hori sticks, preferably one for the TE/PRO/VS, one for the HRAP.V and one for the HRAP.S/HRAP.N that grants PS4 compatibility and jacks into an MC Cthulhu or other PCB.

Running with D3v’s suggestion, it would be kinda cool if the PS360+ were re-engineered to allow a passthrough to a next-gen stick. If the PS4 turns out to be the go-to console for next gen, a PS360+ with auto PS4 Passthrough might be the ultimate MultiMod!

im more interested in more/new product designs from the big names (HORI, MadCatz, Qanba/Eightarc) and hopefully the return of Sega’s (ascii) peripheral/joystick division (haha one could wish right)

Heh, I still think Sega execs still cringe when they hear the word “hardware”… Such a shame too, considering all the great hardware that bears the Sega name.

Honestly I’m surprised there haven’t been more 360 passthroughs. It seems like that would be easier than padhacking or reverse engineering the encryption.

You don’t have to buy anything. :o|

And no tournament would ever use a console that had to be online once every 24 hours. But one of the biggest eSports games has no LAN support and requires a constant connection to Battle.Net and has games disrupted by connectivity problems in many events.