So atm im using a pad

but a friends lent me his hori fight stick 3 and im kinda getting into it…cna people suggest parts / models to take apart use, im a graphics student so dont worry about decals just shaping, tech specs etc XP oh if at all possible or if it doesnt help i live in the uk xP

any mod info would be sweet too haha

ty srk

I’d recommend Sanwa parts. I prefer them to everything else I have tried.

Check the tech forum and read the stickies there. There are also great stickies in this forum for new players which can answer some newbie stick questions.

Remember to use the search function, most questions have been answered hundreds of times.

Also try to form more coherent sentences. I hardly know what you’re asking.

there’s some issue with installing a sanwa joystick because the case is small, i heard the joystick won’t fit without cutting a hole in the bottom plate.