So awesome it deserves it's own thread


Oh how we miss him~ :sad:



wtf??? how can you be so precise with a nunchuk? i dont believe it.



I think I hear Bruce moving up in the tiers. Nobody can replace this man.


Just fucking wow. GDLK indeed.



Maybe I can play Golf that way.


Let’s call this the “Bruce Lee - Believe” video.


Thumbs Up! :tup: :tup:


I’m told this stuff is fake. I really wanna believe it, but I have to say: this whole ping pong stuff was never mentioned in any documentary I’ve ever watched.
Also, look at the guy’s face. Doesn’t look like Bruce Lee to me. Why do you think he’s wearing that suit? To make him look like Bruce Lee, that’s why.


^ I heard afterwards that it was fake and it saddened me a bit…but at the same time it’s Bruce Lee. If there was anyone that I could believe doing this shit it’d be him so until there’s irrefutable proof that it isn’t him I’m going go with the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ thing.


This is a new ad for Nokia, in which a Bruce Lee impersonator employs nunchuku in redirecting ping pong balls. Yes, it’s an ad, and quite likely CGI, although I’m pretty sure Bruce Lee could have very well done this, while covering both sides of the table.