So been working with this team. Opinions and help needed

I wanted a team that I can take to a tournament, dominate, and not be Santhrax, MSP, Scrub, etc.

So here it goes: Dhalsim(B), Doom(B), Cyclops(B)

First off, Dhalsim is a good character. I can’t believe he isn’t better than Strider. Anyway, Dhalsim has weapons that can fuck with anybody. Great meter builder, 2 infinites and infinite Runaway, amazing tri-jump, his normals can link to anything and Sjc, Cyclops AAA can lead to an inferno or his infinite, and Doom’s rocks can cover Dhalsim’s Tri-jump. Dhalsim takes a lot of damage, but makes it up for his combo potential.

Doom, well, he’s good (duh). Tri-jump, 50% health BnB, doesn’t take alot of damage, decent runaway, Underrated rushdown, good wave dash, great cross-up potential, overall, a broke character lol. Cyclops AAA can set up that 50% BnB combo, or a ground Photon Array otg then air combo (match made in heaven fellas). Now dhalsim’s assist is interesting, it is a good expansion technique (meaning that it can expand combos) and you can otg afterwards to an air combo.

Cyclops is really good with this team although he is the primary assist. Cyclops builds meter the second fastest in the game (behind dan), RH has amazing priority, he has an infinite even though its hard to do. Doom’s rocks can lead to cross-up opportunities and can lead into his infinite.Dhalsims assist does pretty much the same with Cyke as it does with Doom, except better.

Anyway, that’s my analysis with the team. Please comment and give help. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE. I really would like to work with this team. I really think that this team can fuck with MSP. So I need all the experts of these characters to post a reply helping me get good with this team and Marvel in general.

I plan to post this in the other two Character specific threads.

Thanks for commenting.

Dhalsim is underrated, and in my eyes he is better than Strider (of course one on one) But also can escape urobos/Doom chip and can match that with his own chip strings with teleport/Doom. Working on fly mode/Doom + teleport can really frustrate opponents, kinda similar to Strider/Doom. That team has a good overall defense, I think thats the most important thing to focus on when dealing with higher tier opponents. Combo ability is above-average, chip tactics and decent THC’S & DHC’s. Against MSP, treat it like Strider/Doom, to break up MSP rushdown. Dhalsim can poke at Storm, to frustrate and keep her from hailstorm whorage. His poke can alos frustrate Magneto as well, at a distance of course. Jab whorage/Doom can agitate Mags, and can open up opportunites for his most damaging super. Against all of the characters, Mags, Storm & Psylocke, it takes a lot because their defense isnt that high. So, keep that in mind, cause all it takes is a quick lp xxx Smash. Doom does have attirbutes that arent mention frequently, and are very effective. Work on startups + Cyclops, for a quick aerial xxx photon. One thing you can do is, after doing the aerial combo, do special photon xxx photon super. The key with this is, you want them to be right under you (just like with the photon super) and it will take a shitload of chip damage. Mix it up, cr.lk2, cr.hp, add+lk, quickly grab, adf+ assist. Thats some nice stuff with Doom to work on. Cyclops needs enough space to do what he does, which is basically combo here and there, chip with optic blast, then switch out. Thats not his game, but thats the most common thing to do with Cyclops. Basic, easy-to-execute combos xxx optic blast is one of the main tactics. If you dont know how to do the infinite, work on it, and add Dhalsim assist, for reset properties.

Also, with Dhalsim go for cr.lk2/Cyclops wait…then Yoga Smash in the corner. If they dont have a character that can air dash, they’ll be a sitting duck. Of course, once they get used to it, switch it up and try other oppurtunities.

Thanks 9revolta. Can you elaborate on Dhalsim’s mix-ups?

Also, Yoga smash is a good move to cancel a basic combo, and Dhc into another move.

check out the section on Sim–>Cyke is really solid. Some things I’ve found with Sim Cyke as useful.

lk+Cyke, lk xx fly , (cyke hits) flying short infinite: This moves people toward the corner for scary shiz, if you’re good you can go into the short forward roundhouse infinite once you get them near the corner.

28, ADF, HP, HK, /, lk + cyke, lk /, HK, ADDF. Depending on spacing here you can mix up into noogies, crouch short, triangle jump, rectangle jump cross up, and the often unused air back dash with his lk, lk, hk which is sometimes good against someone like Mag or Juggs.

As they show in the video anywhere on the screen you can connect cyclops into dash, Yoga strike, just takes some getting used to.

Also remember that at any point during a super jump you can drill XX airdash and that lets you summon cyke, so you have options no other character really does.

Another thing, the Dhalsim Cyclops unblockable assist probably sets up the pink shit followed by unrollable OTG launch combo aerial pink shit. DHC clops for a kill though I’m not 100% sure since I don’t really use Doom.

As for Sim, Doom. Sim puts people in the corner incredibly easily and although his chip is pretty lame his high low mix up is not. Cornering someone with launch, /\ lp, lk, lk, link lk, lp, ADUB/UF, lk, lk, hk sets up from mid screen for doom corner nonsense. Then you can rectangle jump into drills in order to summon doom while pressuring them for ZOMG chip along with an arse load of gauge from all of Sim’s normals. I think you can get a guarenteed yoga strike off of a doom corner AAA if you have good timing though not sure. I don’t think any of Doom’s DHCs are fast enough to be unblockable with Sim, but I really don’t know. Yogastrike DHC something is still able to punish an unnaturally large amount of things even if it’s not the unblockable nonsense like with IM.

Unforunately I don’t think there’s a good way to get Sim back in on that team since countering him in sucks, dry tag is pretty useless and Cyke’s DHCs into him would take some experimenting to find safe ways to get sim in as he will die if people start hitting him.

Thank god someone showed me this shit lol. I appreciate your input. I actually found it helpful. I need to work on those links and Yoga Strike setups. oh and I thought I invented those resets lol. I got alot better with since I posted this thread I guess.

Yeah I know what you mean about gtting him in. What I try to do is get Doom high in the air and do APA, then go into Yoga Strike. Thats the only way I can think about. I try to keep Dhalsim in there as long as I can so I can be as safe as possible.

Thanks for the input Chriss.

Just a question, have you tried Sim IM Cyke or Sim IM doom? The sim IM unblockable is such a beastly tool and either of those can actually pull off some pretty interesting things. This also gives you an alternative for a secondary rush down depending on if your opponent does better on defense or offense. Of course the fact that Sim is super easy to set up the IM infinite into death with doesn’t hurt the situation either.

With Sim IM Cyke you still have defensive get off me tools, but with Sim IM Doom you can legitamitely chip from quarter life thanks to doom rocks, inferno, proton cannon and ground super photon array.

What kind of set ups are you running with Sim–>Doom anyways? I haven’t put that much thought into the pair but it seems like with sim’s limbs that could form some nasty lock down. Something along the lines of drop doom. Mix up high low. 2lp x 2mp TK yoga fire ADF drill drill drop doom?

Wow you are good lol. Thats exactly what I have been trying lol (I like to do a RH after Cr. lk’s and cancel it into TK Yoga fire). Of course in the corner. I would do that until I got a hit, then I will attempt to do one of Dhalsims nasty corner combos (I still can’t do them :sad:) and get a reset into Yoga smash (if I can :sad:).

Imma try Dhalsim, Ironman, Doom. That could be a good offensive team. I like it because it is a major chip team and it has Doom in it :lovin:. Good suggestion. Imma try it later on in the week.

A way to safely tag in Dhalsim is a little bit of trickery. Like if youre using Cyke as point, use Doom assist a lot, to where your opponent is often jumping in or super jumping. This allows for safe tag, because your opponent is high in the sky and of course cant punish your tag. Or Doom point, use Cyclops assist to make your opponent super jump to avoid the lockdown. Just patiently wait for them to sj so you can bring Yoga master in safely. This means of course you have to mainly stay on the ground to be able to tag, so practice on that. Being honest with you, you should have the line as Dhalsim/Doom/Cyclops. Dhalsim for majority, Doom for zoning and Cyclops for chip in a deathmatch…

What 9 revolta said as long as you’re not fighting against Sentinel or a storm with awesome reactions.

Sentinel can go into fly mode and often get some BS with CapCom. While Storm can with blazing reaction speed LAx2LS DHC which of course is awful for our stretchy friend.

The idea of getting the opponent to Sj to tag in is difficult, only because it’s based of an average player. I hope to go to EVO, where they probably don’t fall for this. It’s still a good idea, but impractical. I’ll try it and see where I go.

Anything hitting Dhalsim is bad lol.

My dhalsim is garbage now, so I don’t know if imma be ready to use this in tournaments (any big one). Magnetro makes Dhalsim look so hard to play with. If anybody has a good dhalsim/doom trap can you please share it with me?

I’m a sim scrub too, though my friends exclusively play god teams so that’s what I get match up experience against luckily. (Well, that, Rogue, team Duc, and rarely Jill.) I’ll go to the lab and see if I can discover some fun Sim Doom nonsense. ^.^ Will edit this post soon.

Also, yeah Sim is hard to use, but so awesome when used right. :smiley:


Was just doing some playing around with Sim Doom and found some odd/ fun stuff

first of all with some testing Sim-Sent-Doom seems way better to me than Sim-Doom-Cyke or even the awesome Sim IM combination. Sim Sent Doom is able to do mix up and chip for days. Using sent as an initial set up for it is beautiful too as he covers sim beautifully for getting into the doom dropping optimum range.,, hkXXfly, lkdrill, mk, hk, /, lk, mk. SJ ADF HP, HK+Doom. Of course they can get out, but it hurts when they block. Also, you need good reaction times because if your crouch LK hits after landing the rocks launch really fast and you need to immediately hit with standing medium punch if still near, if they’d pushblocked earlier in the string you need to stand MK SJC.

Super Jump ADF HK drill mixed with ADF wait HP, HK is awesome for hitting with doom if you want to do that instead of chip for some reason.

I do not recommend using Doom at a range against Sent, Cable, or storm, thus why drones as an alternative to cyke is pretty beautiful.

If you’re good hitting his solo combos into strike Doom is beautiful for setting up SJ hp, ADDF, lk, mp, Yoga strike.

Can find more if need be. ^.^

For bringing Dhalsim back in assuming everyone was switched via DHCs.

Corner, Cyke on point:

Hk, hk xx hurricane kick xx Kick super xx Yoga Inferno. 106 damage against Cable. :smiley:

Nice. I like gene splice xxx SOB but its whatever. Yours has more damage.

So i have tried to pattern the Vega/Doom trap with Dhalsim/Doom. It’s been ok, but not as good as the other traps.

C. lp, assist xxx Tk teleport behind, 2 drills,/ repeat.

You can also mix it up with yoga noogie. Awesome to use in the corner.

I try to avoid using teleport in combos since it’s so risky, doom makes it slightly less so, but this isn’t a fast strider teleport, this is a slow sim teleport. However a lot of its issues vanish when you’re at the top of the screen in super jump mode, and thanks to drills you can summon assists from up there.

Question, any information on the timing for the Yoga strike to make a gene splice assist unblockable? It’s kind of necessary to the sim X cyke team and I really don’t know when to press it for optimum results, and more importantly the timing for the string unblockable cyke DHC HSF…

From one Dhalsim user to another I will gladly help you. Dhalsim is excellent character to play with. You can mix it up with LOTS of great character and surprise many people with him. You should check out some of my youtube videos.

video link:

  1. [media=youtube]pF6EuTFvgFA[/media]
  2. [media=youtube]dYXHy74_9xM[/media]
  3. [media=youtube]wpf4Mz1WKw8[/media]

You should check em out, there’s a lot of other videos i have as well and hopefully this videos might help you out.

From one Dhalsim user to another I will gladly help you. Dhalsim is excellent character to play with. You can mix it up with LOTS of great character and surprise many people with him. You should check out some of my youtube videos.

video link:

  1. [media=youtube]pF6EuTFvgFA[/media]
  2. [media=youtube]dYXHy74_9xM[/media]
  3. [media=youtube]wpf4Mz1WKw8[/media]

You should check em out, there’s a lot of other videos i have as well and hopefully this videos might help you out.