So been working with this team. Opinions and help needed.

*Original post from Dhalsim threads

I wanted a team that I can take to a tournament, dominate, and not be Santhrax, MSP, Scrub, etc.

So here it goes: Dhalsim(B), Doom(B), Cyclops(B)

First off, Dhalsim is a good character. I can’t believe he isn’t better than Strider. Anyway, Dhalsim has weapons that can fuck with anybody. Great meter builder, 2 infinites and infinite Runaway, amazing tri-jump, his normals can link to anything and Sjc, Cyclops AAA can lead to an inferno or his infinite, and Doom’s rocks can cover Dhalsim’s Tri-jump. Dhalsim takes a lot of damage, but makes it up for his combo potential.

Doom, well, he’s good (duh). Tri-jump, 50% health BnB, doesn’t take alot of damage, decent runaway, Underrated rushdown, good wave dash, great cross-up potential, overall, a broke character lol. Cyclops AAA can set up that 50% BnB combo, or a ground Photon Array otg then air combo (match made in heaven fellas). Now dhalsim’s assist is interesting, it is a good expansion technique (meaning that it can expand combos) and you can otg afterwards to an air combo.

Cyclops is really good with this team although he is the primary assist. Cyclops builds meter the second fastest in the game (behind dan), RH has amazing priority, he has an infinite even though its hard to do. Doom’s rocks can lead to cross-up opportunities and can lead into his infinite.Dhalsims assist does pretty much the same with Cyke as it does with Doom, except better. Air combos with Cyclops can lead to a Yoga Smash (QCF+KK). After the last hit of the combo (preferably D+ Fierce) use SOB then immediately DHC into Yoga Smash.

Anyway, that’s my analysis with the team. Please comment and give help. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE. I really would like to work with this team. I really think that this team can fuck with MSP. So I need all the experts of these characters to post a reply helping me get good with this team and Marvel in general.

I plan to post this in the other two Character specific threads.

Thanks for commenting.

Hey Cee gg’s the other day. My only tip is to switch doom and cyke’s order in your team lineup basically because you want a chance to shield doom’s assist and also switch the order gives you more damage and flexible DHC opportunities. Not to mention Cyke is also one of the greatest come back characters in the game he is quite annoying to finish off. Also not tested but if you connect dooms air photon super pretty low in the air I can imagine a yoga smash connecting off of a DHC from said photon super I think the hit enemy just drops limp from that move obviously inferno works here as well.

Some other musings that might help

-I think that you may be able to link say 2 crouching lp’s from SIM close to medium range into cyke assist and then into an air combo or other shenanigans.
-My fav trick with doom assist that either cyke or Sim can use is when you sweep opponent immediately call doom. His rocks if timed correct will prevent a roll and hit everytime and will allow you to combo or hit into either Yoga Inferno/MOB/SOB for free.

Otherwise gg’s I have never seen a Doom player move that fast man it really put me into run away mode for our matches and gives me something new to learn with Doom. Also PLEASE buy a mic lol! I would love to talk Dhalsim shop but I absolutely refuse to type xbox messages they take FOREVER.

Also don’t take my word as gospel despite my avatar I am a pretty scrubby cyke player at the moment. Just want to see if I can get you some momentum with people giving advice in this thread.