So blocking both directions has been made legal at Evo?

I’ve been hearing a lot about people on pad / old hit boxes being able to block both ways using inputs for left and right at the same time, and I’ve also heard that it’s legal at evo because the rule is so hard to enforce.

Some players have been reported to have gotten buttons on their stick wired to give a left and right input at the same time, basically giving them a mortal kombat block button that negates the risk of cross ups.

I even heard reports that the player who won revelations online was using said tactic. If this is legal at Evo, and we see players placing using this technique, how does it stand for the future of the game? Will players have to get a modded stick with a block button to keep up with the meta game? Will this be something capcom addresses and patches out? This needs to be brought to Capcom’s attention if it hasn’t already, because it has the potential to ruin Marvel.

And if this does remain in the game and stays legal, how do you feel about using this technique? Should players be frowned on for using a technique that’s tournament legal and only could improve their win record? Or does it go against general ethics?

EVO is run on PS3s. You can’t block both ways on PS3s. Be quiet.

if its tournament legal then there is no “bad ethics” to using it. win. that is all.

capcom needs to patch this bug out or evo needs to be stick only if they want this bs out of the tournament structure.

-edit… the ps3 is good for something, nice.

Are you 100% certain on this? I need to test it when I get home but that’s good news if it’s true.

It’s actually possible on stick moreso than pad because people can wire their sticks to have a block button that would be impossible to detect without checking the wiring on their stick.

You act like the guy who’s going to be able to block on both sides is going to win Evo.

If for some reason this were to get so out of hand then other majors would ban the use of such devices and it would catch on from there.

Suppose someone like Justin / Tokido wires L2/R2 on his stick to register as both left and right inputs. Someone snaps tokido’s phoenix in banking on a cross up mixup and he just discretely holds down the block button. Not saying it’s necessarily going to happen but it’s a possibility and if people can get away with it, it’ll catch on eventually.

But fuck it, long as it’s legal I’ma use this to block Wesker’s super on my pad lol

I play pad and am not quite sure how I’d hit left and right simultaneously? lol

Also, whether or not this lead to an EVO victory is irrelevant. If it means one low level player loses a single game in the first round because the setups he practiced no longer work, the damage is already done. If this is actually possible to do, it needs to be repaired immediately. You cant pull a “hey, it’s in the game!” cop out on this one, it’s not in the game, it’s in a controller.

Yeah it’s possible on a pad, just hold back on the dpad / forward on the analog stick. It’s not really something you can do to react to some cross ups like wolverine since it happens so fast and you have to reposition your fingers but you can use it in response to things like Wesker’s phantom dance that can ambiguously cross up and gives you time to react and reposition your hands due to the super freeze.

All the comments about pad are kind of moot, it was the Hitbox sticks that could really abuse this hard. If it can’t be done on PS3 that’s good news.

I wouldnt use it if I could. My 'troller doesnt have an analog stick anyway.

cool story, bro

I don’t really understand why this hasn’t been ruled on tbh. Maybe it’s just another sponsor to them?

You’ve got that backwards. It’s a problem with the game, and it needed to be patched months ago.

Haha i’m not getting blown up ever again by welcome mix up. Thank you good sir

Fuck I wish madcats sticks could do this lol…

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how is it irrelevant? i mean its cheating to win weather its ruled as such or not it takes the games design and says nah theres no more crossups.

You’re misunderstanding. Read the second sentence too. Im saying the damage isnt about winning the whole tournament, but if a single match is affected, the damage is already done.

They would rule it was illegal if they could find an easy way to address the problem. I’ve read that it would take quite a bit of time to test each match if both people had “clean” set ups. I have a PS3 so I’ll be checking if it actually works on it or not.

It’s the game that needs patching, make it so if you block both sides it chooses a default side.

-Hitbox player

Yeah, or just make forward + back = a neutral state. I wonder if this also lets you block high and low at the same time?

It’s impossible to block high and low at the same time thanks to the fact that doing one specifically prevents doing the other, you need to be in a crouched state to block low attacks and cannot block highs from a crouched state. This has been in most Capcom games but people didn’t complain about it until HDR…