So Cal BRAWL Garage Tourney (Singles and Doubles) Sunday April 13th

Hey all, guess it’s finally time to run a local tourney here. Sorry for the late post, I posted this at smashboards 2 weeks ago and totally forgot about SRK, again sorry abou tthat.

562 Super Smash Bros. B R A W L Tournament --hosted by Race and Co.–

Date: Sunday, April 13th

Categories: Singles and Teams

Where: 5455 Vista Del Mar
Yorba Linda, Ca 92887

Time: 12pm-10pm

Teams : Start: 12pm - 5pm (Sign-ups start 11am for teams)

Singles: 5:30pm-10:00pm (Sign-ups start as soon as the team tourney finishes around 5pm)

Gear: 5 tv’s and 5 Wii’s (Need 2 wii’s) or if they become available more tv’s and wii’s

Fee: 5$ Singles, 8$ per Team (So you just pay once)

-1st 60% pot
-2nd 30% pot
-3rd 10% pot

-1st 60% pot
-2nd 30% pot
-3rd 10% pot

Tournament Details:
-3 Stock 8:00 Time Limit with NO Items.
-Only Neutral stages can be choosen.
-Games are best out of 3 matches with Finals being best out of 5
-Loser’s Bracket available! (Winner goes to semi-finals)

-3 min team battle (Battle Royal Style) with NO Items.
-Only neutral stages can be chosen.
-Games best out of 3 with finals being best out of 5
-No loser’s bracket

Final Destination
Battle Field
Yoshi’s Island
Defino Plaza
Lylat Cruise

-This is gonna be a local tourney, so we don’t have a big venue to play on. It’s most likely going to be held at my place. So slots will probably limit the number of participants, I’d say around 65 for singles and 35 teams. I still need to gauge and see how many people are interested in this.

-None of the money goes to me or anyone who organizes this, I’m doing this for the Smash community, and for fun.

-Gear wise we have 4 TV’s ready with 2 or 3 wii’s. So if someone could bring in 2 extra wii’s that would be awesome (Another problem I don’t have to worry about) So if you can bring some let me know and i’ll give you some tourney money for your kindness. If we can get more then the better! Also I’d like to tape the matches but I don’t have the proper equipment, so if anyone wants to go in and record then please by all mean let me know.

-Please bring your controllers (Use wavebirds at your own risk)

-If we can get an extra TV and wii we can hold casuals on that tv. Some friendlies would be cool.

-Please keep in mind that this is gonna be in someone’s house, please respect the owner and try not to mess or take anything there. Please don’t come drunk or high. Also try not to make too much noise, party levels is okay but I don’t think this would really be an issue. I’m doing this for you guys and a little respect back would be awesome. If someone gets too rowdy or out of control you’ll be kicked out, i’m serous on this.

If anyone has questions let me know. I’ve organized tourneys before so i know what i’m doing. if you’re interested drop a line and i’ll add you to the slots. Thanks guys

I have been planning to stop by this since I saw it announced on smashboards (then, having the date switched, then having the location switched…), but I will mostly just come for single. I’m just worried if teams finish early, that singles will start early, then showing up on time will be too late. So, are singles going to hold off even if teams finish early?

singles will start no earlier then 5:30pm so don’t worry about missing it