So Cal CvS2: Time to step up our game

Alright, So Cal held up pretty weak at Evo this year. As far as I remember, none of us even took top 8 in CvS2, and this is OUR home turf.

The problem, as I see it, is lack of practice. I can’t really think of many places for good CvS2 these days. The little time we do get to play is only at the scattered tournaments, which means we get our ass handed to us when it comes down to playing other regions.

I have no doubt we have some of the best skill in the world, but I also know for a fact we are just so damn lazy about it.

So Cal is like the Lakers; we know we’ve got the skill, but how the fuck do we lose in the finals?

So from now on, I saw we stop underestimating everyone else, and take our game to the next level. We need to start organizing practice sessions, weekly get togethers or tournaments, anything to get more practice in. I don’t care if its on home sticks or at an Arcade, we need to start practicing more.

So anybody else in So Cal who is interested in getting better at CvS2, put your input or ideas here. And let’s try to at least start some regular get togethers.

I say we try to throw 1 major tournament a month, at different locations each time. Family Fun, Regency, Powerstation, Golden Token, any any other place with decent CvS2. Then, every couple of months, hold invitationals based on those tournaments results. Putting together the videos from all these tournaments, and studying them, we should be able to kick our game up a notch or two.

Even though most of us are burned out after Evo, I’m still willing to get better. I’m down, since there is nothing more I can do anyways. Hopefully we’ll end up making people see SoCal for CvS2 not just Marvel and 3S.

everyone goto jamesgames

^ does mr. lee still play cvs there?

naw, i havn’t seen him play cvs2 for a long time now lol…

but ace, JG sticks ARE ASSHOLE…

plus damage is WAYYY off…

socal died off with the death of SHGL. that was the nail in the coffin, its unfortunate

I agree with this proposal. We need more CvS2 love.

This is a good idea:)

power to the people

Alright, what we need are a few locals and/or tournament organizers from different arcades willing to help out with this idea. We need to decide which arcades are going to have the tournaments in which month, and plan accordingly.

I work at Powerstation, which is way too expensive for casual play, but the machine is nice for tournaments. I am willing to run a tournament there, or as many as you’d like to see.

Can anybody else do the same for other spots? CGL, Family Fun, Regency, etc? Post up if you can help.

we did good until we had to play each other. lol.

i’m down. everybody just use a against me and it’ll be good practice. =]

Keep CvS2 Alive!!! I know u guys can do it…and u So Cal players are really cool people…so reflect that in your CvS2 game and all is good…I’ll be down soon to test my might.


VIDEO, you say?

i can do that :wink:

it’s dead for sure now, since kenny left.

<3 kennywood.<3

just wondering if anyone is going to pick up the cgl and/or the RFC tourny scene?

how bout you do regency instead? powerstation is much to crowded to fit 30-40 cvs2/mvc2 heads + random movie goers.

hell its just a few mins down carson.

Regency is do-able, but I was figuring somebody else would pick up that location. The point is to get ALL locations involved in this. I don’t want to have to fill Kenny’s shoes (Those are some BIG shoes, in more ways than one!).

Cicada, are you saying that you’d be able to handle putting together videos? That’d be great.

So we should plan the first tournament for September. Any suggestions as to the location, and the Date?

ucla x-cape?

Any more interest here?

Theres a Regency tournament next month. Everybody try and go to that. We should also set up weekly practices. Does anybody have a house that could be used?

let’s all go to camelot!