So.Cal FFIA: 3s Ranbat 2.2 2/4/06 Results

This tournament was fricking OUT OF CONTROL. 40 players signing up, with Valle as a guest visitor and cleaning house. Tournament ended up starting at 8pm (you dorks) so next time the tourney will “start” at 5pm so everyone gets here by six.

Anyhow, here’s results:

1st: Pyrolee (+10)
2nd: Ed Ma (+7)
3rd: Calipower (+5)
4th: Amir (+3)
5th: Arlieth
5th: Mike Z
7th: Sextaro
7th: EricxChin
9th: Jeremiah
9th: Ironfist
9th: Mutant HP
9th: Saizo

Movies are being ripped AS WE SPEAK!

Total Ranbat 2 Results:

Sextaro Inoue-10
Ed Ma-7

vids with ownage rockefeller commentary?

mutant the pyro killer got killed before he reached pyro? lol jus kidding.

wheres 5 star and alfredo =. oh and buff otaku (my favorite).

I like my vids with ranch.

Was Calipower playing Ryu?

Actually Arlieth is the pyro killer this tourney. He sent me to losers early.

It was fun and there were a lot of great matches. Interface’s sticks are still a little bit :looney:

Yeah, valle played ryu denjin the whole way through I think.

whats happening pyro. best yun in america.

I’m beasting

Valle is back and takes 3rd?!?!

What a shock, can’t wait to see the footage…I laughed my ass off at the last ranbat commentary.


the commentary on these shits is god-tier and the playing is not shabby, if you guys haven’t seen valle playing recently your missing just sooo solid play.
go here to see some vids, yes true i’m promoting your site :open_mouth: valle gets’ 2nd in 3s, top 3 in cvs2 and top 3 in something else lol, remind you of b4 anyone. this dude is just smart man.

I can view the video fine, but for some reason there’s no audio (I got it off of Combovideos, not Google). Arlieth, what’d you use to compress it?

same here, too many makotos on this one lol

yeah alex is too good just that noone plays him -_- but i dont want an argument on how good alex is, lets just say he is a wakeup god :wink:

Hahaha. Best response ever.

VALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE. good shit, next time you’ll get first. I didn’t know you were fuckin with dejin for real.

footage :]

So im reading the other thread DT started…Looks like AT LEAST (dont wanna leave anyone out) Valle, Sex, and Arlieth played at 2 tournies in one day.

Good day for Valle, 1st and 3rd in 3S and tied for 2nd in ST. Very Nice.

GG’s all. I missed every single shoulder/palm parry. Suckage. Out of practiceage too.

Just a taste of things to come…keep bringing the funk cause the rush is coming :karate:

Calipower is playing here eh? I remember him from xbox live.

a well played denjin ryu can fight japan!