So. Cal FFIA : 3s Ranbat 2.3 2/18/06 Results

Entrys ( 57 )
Top 4

  1. Pyrolee (Yun) +10
  2. Sextaro Inoue (Makoto) +7
  3. Arlieth (Makoto) +5
  4. Emphy (Urien) +3
  5. 5star
  6. J.R. Rodriguez (Akuma)
  7. Slimelord
  8. Dirty Don (Alex)

Man this tourney was long but fun. There was many players that came to support this tournament. Special Apperances by: Norcal players such as Emphy, Ringopan, Ringopan’s Roommate, Stones, Chunksta, Bart .I know your names but its slipped my mind now. Thanks to Watts, Valle, Don, and the other groups that had to travel far to come. Crazy upsets such as Frankie3s losing to IronFist the Turncoat. Vids will be up soon.

Total Ranbat2 Results:

  1. Pyrolee - 20
  2. Sextaro Inoue - 17
  3. Amir - 10
  4. Ed Ma - 7
  5. Arlieth - 5
  6. Calipower - 5
  7. Jery - 5
  8. MutantHP -3
  9. Emphy -3

Updates will come soon

i just want to say holy shit to the amount of entrants

yeah, 57 for a bi-weekly tourney is fucking insane.

What were the team tourney results?

Also, gg to all, gg jimmy for doing so well in ranbat. I think I was at arcades for like 14 hours yesterday! gs to rock the hypeman, arlieth for wearing sunglasses and overall for everyone, i know that sbo quals is going to be huge, just please get a hold of stick issues.

IRONFIST THE TC!!! … good tounry … I thought sticks were fine.

rofl @ arlieth and sunglasses.

57 people was incredible. i had too much fun.

but make sure it starts earlier so neiman, reset, arnel and i can get in the team tournament.

This tourny was fun. I’d like to come to these more often.
oh and sebastian? damn you :smiley:

Thumbs up for a ridiculously huge turnout. Thanks to Tom, Matt and Eric for running it and to Jeremiah for taping and writing down all the matches on the h2h cabs in the back. Too bad the team tournament ran so late that it didn’t finish.

And big thumbs up to the Urien Nation :wink:

how far did the team tourney go?

i got 5th!!!

Good Sh*t!!!

eat a dick turncoat

tournament was mad fun. my gosh, watching those last couple of matches were hype as hell. awesome turnout. good shit.

full brackets man this is sick…please put up all the vids…all of them MAKE THIS THE best ran bat yet…PLEASE MAKE THE BEST BOUT’s HUGE…i wanna see jr…man how solid was he…he placed so high…

big ups to all the guys at ffa for making this happen…you guys don’t know how much we app. vids like these…esp since i live in tn…3s wasteland…this keeps me going!!!

please can someone tell me who these guys lost too

57 players for a bi-weekly tournament. That’s just too sick.

Looking forward to the seeing the vid! FFA Ranbat videos are the only 3S vids I really bother to watch now-a-days. But that’s because I love listening to Rockefeller. :rofl:

Ranbat was insane. I think Matt has a personal vendetta agaisnt Urien, cause for some strange reason there were like 3 Urien vs Urien matches during the 1st and 2nd round. You Urien hater Matt =P lol

Anyway good shit, I need to learn how to finish corner combos and not look like a damn scrub. Makes me feel good though that the 2 guys that beat me (Emphy,Don) Made top 8. I gave them that spirit to move on and dominate! lol


ps. Urien vs Urien match is Fun and Retarded at the same time.

not sure who jr lost to. valle lost to emphy and don. i lost to slimelord two times. good job eat a dick man on running tourney, and arlieth. you guys dont need to apologize, just keep the scene alive and keep running these tourneys.


ps. and to those who stayed till closing, you all know what i mean when i say “GO JOHN D”…

In making the brackets, I’m actually missing two names here, since they were last-minute entries. I have 55 listed on these brackets, but it later on matched up with what Matt and Eric had written down.

This was made from SCRATCH, on-site. Forgive the errors. You also need Excel to read these brackets.

Blah, exhausted. Mad shoutouts to Eric and Matt for yelling until they lost their voices and running brackets, Jeremiah for his meticulous camerawork, Gootecks for taking live footage with the BS-Cam (We need to figure out a way to hook up a microphone directly to a camcorder next time). Also, thanks to Shogo for encoding vids and for lending his Camcorder as well!

PS: Rockefeller needs to announce his comeback =D

thanks arlieth…dang jr beat amir…good lawd…man so is he coming back into 3s…

So. Cal FFIA #1