So. Cal FFIA : 3s Ranbat 2.4 - 3/5/06 Results

40 Players Total @ FFIA RanBat 2.4
Here are the results:

  1. Pyrolee - Yun SA3 +10 points
  2. Amir - Ryu SA3 +7 points
  3. Sex-Taro!!! - Makoto SA1 & 2 +5 Points
  4. Shadini - Chun Li SA2 +3 Points
  5. J.R Rodrigues - Akuma SA1
  6. Brandon - Akuma SA1
  7. Frankie3s - Ryu SA3
  8. MutantXP - Necro SA1&3

Total RanBat 2 Point Results:

  1. Pyrolee - 30
  2. Sextaro Inoue - 22
  3. Amir - 17
  4. Ed Ma - 7
  5. Arlieth - 5
  6. Calipower - 5
  7. Jery - 5
  8. MutantHP -3
  9. Emphy -3
  10. Shadini -3

Im working on the video right now…it should be done by Monday…Best Bout might be done around Wednesday?

Thank you all for comming down and playing at our Ranking Battles…Next week is a 3on3 at Interface…and then RanBat 2.5 will be held at Interface

Edit: My bad on not adding Emphy to the points list…I had my eye on the video editor while I was adding the points and messed up by using an older point list…should be fixed now

My points are gone? :sad:

grats on winning cvs2 amir

nice, i want to see amir’s ryu

Great tournament, I wish I could come to these more often. Good games to everyone I played, and it was cool putting faces to a bunch of names.

Shogo, could you post the full results sometime?

damn denjin ryu…OMG!!! yes more vids please!!!
big ups to you shogo…the vids are so app…

Wow! Amir playing Ryu

MutantXP is using Necro in this one! I thought for a second he switched to Urien permanently.

They should organise a FFA alternate character tourney. I’d like to see some top players using their ‘second best’ character. I remember Pyrolee’s crazy Urien.

Yeah, when did he start playing Ryu?


It was nice seeing everybody again :slight_smile:

I haven’t been to FFA in months and noticed that ken vs ken matches are even more out of control these days… jesus…

Mike - thanks for letting me practice on your hugo

Amir - “Amiryu” doesn’t really sound catchy but GJ beasting! Whatever happened to
"Amiryun" anyway?


You should see his Q :wgrin:


And AmiRyu ftw. Fucking godly.

I think this Ranbat had the best matches so far. GG everyone, I didn’t think I was going to sneak into first again :tup:

I think a 2nd-tier tourney would be pretty hilarious, actually. Maybe we should make it for Ranbat 2.5.

Sean only tounrey…man it up

I wish I could be around for that.

No thx!!!

hahahah a 2nd tier tourney would be pretty funny indeed. let’s do it!

When the video coming out…:sweat:

ooh… I wonder who would be the best Sean…