So. Cal FFIA : 3s Ranbat 2.5 - 3/18/06 Results

This is the very last Ranking Battle of Season 2!

32 Players @ Season 2 FFIA Ranbat 2.5

Here are the winners!

1st Place - Amir (Chun Li sa2) + 10 points
2nd Place - Pyrolee (Yun sa3) + 7 points
3rd Place - Shadini (Chun Li sa2) + 5 points
4th Place - Arlieth (Makoto sa2) + 3 points

Total RanBat 2 Point Results:

  1. Pyrolee - 40
  2. Amir - 27
  3. Sextaro Inoue - 22
    tie 4. Arlieth - 8
    tie 4. Shadini -8
  4. Ed Ma - 7
  5. Calipower - 5
  6. Jerry - 5
  7. MutantXP -3
  8. Emphy -3

Congratulations to our season 2 winner of FFIA 3rd Strike Ranking Battle:

Pyrolee !

Since this was our last ranbat, there are a lot of people I want to thank:

Our ranbat staff, Matt & Eric Chin for taking their own time to come down and help out with sign ups and making sure everything runs smooth…Thomas Shin for directing every ranbat…Jeremiah and Ryan “Gootecks” for helping out with Video and Audio (Without these guys, there wouldnt be any ranbats for people out there to download) and of course, our Golden Voice of our videos, John D. Rockefeller :wink:

I want to thank everyone for comming down and supporting our 3s Ranking Battle Tournaments…every week Im shocked and very greatful by the amount of players that show up and participate in our ranbats…it seems like every time we throw a ranbat, we see some amazing stuff

I wanna thank the staff at Combo for hosting all of our ranbat & best bout videos…you guys are awesome!:wgrin:

And finally, I wanna thank everyone out there that downloads all of our videos every week…it didnt matter if your comments & replys about our ranbat videos were good or bad, but just the fact that you guys out there paid attention and gave us exposure to the srk & fighting game community…that made me feel like our long hours of hard work running the socal 3s ranbats was well worth giving to the entire Third Strike community

Season 3?..Ideas?..Here was an idea I had that I wanted to try for season 3…I wanted to award the winner of season 3 a RanBat Champion Belt (like the ones champion boxers and pro wrestlers wear)…and have 2 ranbats for season 3…a Singles and a 2on2…so that way we can have a Singles Ranbat Championship Belt and a 2on2 Tag Team Ranbat Championship Belt…hahaha!..whatcha think? :wgrin:

Everybody should also thank Shogo for taking hours upon hours of his time editing the videos and making those kickass intros for every ranbat! Thank you Shogo!

As for season 3, I think a championship belt is a cool idea i.e. Cole’s ST belt. O_O I think we should try a modified 2 on 2 where each team picks 1 characters instead of 2 and then switches rounds. Now THAT’S a team tournament.

that was my ORIGINAL IDEA. the championship belt. i wanted one for season 1 -_-

and ALSO that is my ORIGINAL IDEA… the 2on2 ranbat.

lol…ok it was 5 star’s idea…but it just seemed like such a good idea to get people into season 3

fun tourney and an awesome ranbat season!
thanks shogo, the chins, and everyone else who made it possible

grand finals vs amir were sick, too bad i couldn’t pull a gamer’s vision this time around


i dont care what the prize is! ( the belt sounds cool though ) start season 3!!? soon? … prolly not -.- anyway much thanks for anyone who helps put ranbat together…

Congrats to Amir for taking 1st and congrats to Pyrolee for being the champion of season two.

Also I’d like to give a BIG thank you to Shogo for taking the time to put together FFA Ranbat vids throughout the season. Even though I’m some random droog from Florida, the vids made me feel as if I were part of the whole thing.

Much love for Rockefeller, he’s a great mic personality and even though alot of people bitch about his talking I think make the vids all the more enjoyable.

Take care everyone and looking forward to season three.

heres a good idea: do other games, instead of just 3s. COUGH MARVEL COUGH

or give away something, like that xbox you did for the first season.(if i am correct) If not, then take a small portion of the pot from each tourney to purchase a prize for the top overall placers. That way, you won’t have to use out-of-pocket money. Either way, it can only get better.

Ya I thought about marvel & cvs2…but the main issue with that was the stick problems we keep running into…the only thing I can come up with is having mvc2 on japanese h2h cabinets and set it up with japanese stix (semitsu stix, not the tekken sanwa stix)…but again, Im not sure if the marvel players would like that idea very much…the sticks and buttons wouldnt be as sturdy…would it be hard to announce mvc2 games since its so fast paced???


Getting back to 3s. Shogo thank you for taking the time to edit and put the vids up. I know it must be a real pain but I’m sure the 3s community thanks you. I know I do. :tup:

And I’d like to give a special shout-out to Roc… cause he’s a cool guy for giving all these commentaries. Some of the stuff that he comes up with is priceless.

“Makoto is really good the best guy. I’m surprised I havent seen this bullshit more often.”


2v2 Ranbat PLEASE!

I think the same idea should be kept for the next season.

-Third Strike
-Cumulative points
-Cool Creative prize (whatever you like + cash)

For anything different like MvC 2 or 2v2, make a different series if you really please. But keep the formatting and rules solid on this for the people that like it. It’s pretty obvious that FFA’s main attraction is 3s, so keep this bare essential in there (for all of us FFA 3s fiends) and leave the add-ons for a different ranbat/other tournament series. Mixing or combining more stuff could get confusing, complicated and unecessary.

This series was awesome in my opinion. I was only able to make it to the very last tournament, but I watched every single video on I don’t care what anyone says, but Rockefeller’s energy and charisma for the MC’ing is great. It was awesome watching all those videos and then seeing him in real-life (even though I never actually met him). Scheduling, rules and brackets are perfect and the point system is completely fair. Great series. I’ll be there for the whole next season to come.

Btw when is the ranbat 2.5 video going to get released on combovideos?

I don’t see how marvel would really get in the way of 3s. I don’t know any 3s players that even play marvel lol. Aside from combo, he would be one of the only ones that would play multiple games. Also, I was thinking about marvel japanese cabs, and I didn’t understand why. Cats go through backflips to make 3s tournament hot shit. Lets see: direct video feed, commentary, and fix controls before tournament. Why can this not be done for marvel? I understand it is a lot for a technician, but it would only make sense. Last time ffa had a marvel tourney, they had a really great showing, genghis from sd went, chunksta from nor cal, soo + regulars. I heard shit was pretty bunk (it was the same day as ffa ranbat), but nothing was done. Interesting. I understand ffa is understaffed, but if the effort was put in, the results would show. I’m not even asking for a marvel ranbat or anything, I understand 3s is the money game, but if you are considering doing other games, I think some love needs to be shown. Great job to the organizers that were able to run 80 man weeklies.

two words sums up everything…GOOD SHIT!!!

thanxs to shogo for vids, and thanxs to rockefeller for his godly comments on 3s.

not to sound like a bitch or anything, but will the 3 vs 3 3s tourney vid be cominng out soon shogo? agian not sound like a bitch but i can’t wait, these vids are tooo!!! SICK!!!

also lets keep marvel and any other game out of the ranbats, cause seriously shogo has enough to work on, plus it just wouldn’t feel right, we have other places like preepy’s to get good marvel matchs from anyway, unless shogo really wants to do it which in that case ok, i just think the ranbats are better for 3s.

Exactly my point. It would make everything more crowded and complicated for both the 3s players and the MvC 2 players. It’s cool, I’m not saying not to have a MvC 2 series but just keep it separate from the 3s ranbats.

They’ve already had it on the same day, and i didn’t hear any complaints. So, what is your answer to that? This actually MAKES things better because there is no congestion around the respective games. I don’t think you know anything about running tournaments, so, I will ignore any more of your posts. :slight_smile:

Good job FFA on a damn good display of beast-quality 3S matches. I enjoyed every minute of the top 8 and the best bout series. I think Rockefeller just set the standard of fightin’ game commentary from now on.

One thing that was buggin’ me though is what happened to Vic?

fuck yeah boys that was a good ranbat thanx to shogo, tom and the biggest faggot on earth, MATT CHIN.

One thing, please dont do the next ranbat at interface.

the problem with Season 2 Ranbats is that I wasnt mentioned in ALL of them. If you could keep the consistancy and actually mention my name in every one, it’d be hype