So Cal Interface 3s Teams/CvS2 Singles Results 2/21


  1. Combofiend (K-Sagat/Chun/Rolento)
  2. AfroCole (K-Sagat/Vice-Vega/Cammy)
  3. Gee-O (P- random/Cammy/Sagat)
  4. Kennywood (K-Cammy/Hibiki/Blanka)
  5. Amir (A-Sagat/Bison/Sakura)
  6. The Muffin Man (K-Blanka/Sagat/Bison)
  7. Ken I. (C-E.Honda/Eagle/Mai)
  8. Arlieth (P-Vega/Cammy/Blanka)
  9. WindyMan (K-Maki/Raiden/Nak/Hibiki)
  10. Dzuy (A-Sak/Chun/Bison)
  11. Shogo (N-Gief/Balrog/Blanka)
  12. Leland (A-Bison/Sak/Blanka)

3S Teams of 5

  1. Team Mount Olympus (Pyrolee-Yun/Rockefeller-Urien/Arlieth-Makoto/Dzuy-Chun/Paul Lee-Ken)
  2. Team Victoly (Victoly-Dudley/Yi Wang-Ken/Useless Tool-Chun/Ken I.- Makoto/Frankie3S-Ken)
  3. Team RUN (Combofiend-Elena/Devil X-Ryu/Amir-Chun/Japanese Oni-Urien/Gee-O-Necro)
  4. Team Bust Karate Dojo (King Raoh-Elena/Mikei-Q/Joel B-Elena/Eric-chun/Kenshiro-Alex)

too many teams to post all of them and my time is almost up. Fun tourney and 3rd Strike was mad fun to watch. byebyebyebyebyer

this tournament was sick. I really like the setup and ish.
With the pcs there too, reminds me of pac man arcade. This place has a lot of potential. I did bad in the cvs tourney today, only because I DIDN’T REALLY GO.
play on play out.

I was too tired to wake up for this one.

lmao nice av dummie.

Again with the K-Chun! Vids anybody?

good games everyone, good atmosphere at this place always it seems, i had alot of fun, sorry i had to leave at the last second. seeyou all soon.

dope tourney

Interface Tourney was fuckin tight, i had hella fun yesterday.
it was dope teaming up with XP and Marvin, both are hella chill players.

ditto, did anybody get any vids?

Tournament Brackets, Pictures and Video!

Here we go, folks. You can view the brackets and full team lists, see photos of the event, and grab video of the CvS2 finals!

A good job to all my friends, everybody else, and a very special “way to go” to the BKD!!!

god damn, i look fucking wasted in that last picture…

Wow, the chun that wins by footsies alone. It’s weird seeing chun land so many standing mps without a super canceled after them.

kenny looks so guilty in his pictures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo, kenny, I haven’t seen any vids or anything, but was it your blanka that came through? 'cuz it seems that it always is in other matches. :smiley: Good shit yo.

Muff, hold on to that 5th place spot. As long as you don’t get less, you’re in good shape…that doesn’t mean to not get better though. :smiley: Good shit yo. Haven’t been to an interface tourney, and don’t know when I will…work on saturdays. Peace.

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nice job with the site windyman, the only problem is the comment at the bottom about cvs2 :slight_smile:

3S for life :bluu:

i second that.

He’s right, all you 3s foolios need to be more than just a one game wonder =P Use those precious skillz in more SF’s!!!:lol: :lol:

Vic could prob play a mean ass Balrog in CVS2 =D


I cry foul.

You don’t know how much CvS2 has helped me pick up 3S in such a short amount of time (10 months about). My CvS2 game has improved immensely because of what I need to do in 3S.

I would like to take a moment to point out that more people play CvS2 in this country than those who play Third Strike. You have no argument or excuse, fools. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are more chinese than americans in the world. What’s your point?

3s > all

every 3s player i know ('cept for Pryo and Kenshira) play hella video games, not just 3s, CVS2 just happens to not be on the list, so no more play other games and such. SF is a small part of the video game world. spread your wings and fly.

CVS2 is dope, don’t get me wrong, if it’s good enough for UNCHI, it’s good enough for me.

i’d like to give a shout out to my homeboy holdin’ it down up north…