So Cal Mvc2 arcades

wasent sure where to post this so here it is…Im looking for some good mvc2 competition but im not sure where to go. i live in fontana and the only 2 good arcades i know about is family fun and infinity arcade, but those are kinda far. so are there any other good arcades in southern cal, closer to fontana the better(if u know where that shithole is)

At the main forum page, scroll all the way down to the bottom. There, you’ll find a large section of forums called “Regional Matchmaking”. The subsection titled “Pacific South” will have your answers.

James Games.

James Games and Glady’s (I havn’t been there but heard about it) are the two out in your direction. Others that are not too far but definitely worth the drive, Super Arcade (way better than Arcade Infinity for Marvel Comp), and Cal Poly (if you tell people you are going).

I would suggest going to either James Games or Super since I know the comp for those two arcades are pretty consistent.

Go into the Pac South forums, there are various threads for specific arcades.

Like other said, Pac South forums, other than the usual arcades that have been mentioned, you could also try Pro Swap Meet (PSM), there’s good comp there from time to time. We had an arcade here in Rialto, but it’s long gone now.

yeah was it Barber Arcade or something like that i tried calling but line was dead =/

If you’re a gambling man, you can try Action Arcade, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s $0.50 per play now, and no one goes because of that. But there is the occasional good player there, if you’re lucky.

heh i went to james games and there machines were on turbo1 whats up with that? i asked if they would change it and they wouldnt =( but there was good comp there i guess but still kinda sucked getting used to the speed


i live close to fontana, well not really, but if you come down to west covina me and a friend will shake yah booty at marvel for free.


im in la puente closest shit aside from super arcade is the west covina tilt
but only if you like 50 cent games with the damage all the way up.

seriously james games dood or that riverside/san bernardino arcade
everything else is at least 40 minutes away.

regency is to far man. i might hit up infinity soon but im not sure…thats the next nearest thing…but yeah james games is supposed to have that turney soon but if they gonna play that shit on turbo1 thats wack.

lol i dunno where to post this even though theres a regional matchmaking section at the bottom of the forums and the fgd guidelines that i shoulda read before i posted tell me to post down there too

don’t even go to infinity you’ll waste your time, i’ve been going there for about two years and i think ONCE there was competition and i had to beat some dood with my HK broken.
if you go to infinity i hope you play 3s or melty blood.