So-cal mvc3 tournament fundraiser/benefit (beaumont, ca) 3/26/2011


Hey guys!

My buddy Carl is going on a year long mission trip, and to help him about, we getting some people together to do what they do best, play some MAHVEL baby!

The tournament willl be held in Beaumont, CA

THIS IS A BYOS(Bring Your Own Stick) event!

It will be played on both PS3 and 360, and if anyone is willing to let their setup be used, we would appreciate it immensely!

We are most likely going to be broadcasting the fights online as well, so more up on that soon.

There will also be other games being played (COD, MVC2, Rockband/Guitar Hero, Smash Brothers, SSF4, Halo, and more).

Entry is $7 and that is your tournament registry and unlimited gaming!

I’ll post a pre register list, and if you want to play, just post on here or PM me!

Let’s have some fun and rock some MVC!


  1. !CSPARKS!
  2. Raymoondough

Address and time will be up by tomorrow!