So Cal needs a get together place where people can practice on console ... thread

Alright, heres the deal. Evolution is console. There’s no use in going to arcades, cause its not console, and people have to get use to console timing. The idea I’m having is to find some place to meet up each week and have hella fools practice. Arcades I think have a rule about not allowing consoles in there. Does anyone have any ideas. I know we all miss the days of SHGL, but that doesn’t mean that get togethers like that are limited to just arcades. (which by the way are DEAD in America) Post your ideas. Captain out.:lovin:


damn… nobody even posted once in this thing… i thought people hate more on arcades than consoles in socal… well at least where i live they do… well this sounds like a good ideal to me as long as its big enough for lots of people and its ok for them to scream out all there shyt cause i knw they will want to be able to do that…so yeah… hope people start posting and showing interest in this cause so cal needs a place anybody is welcome to come and practice…

i live about 5 mins south of irvine and was looking for some locals to play with since the price of gas is so expensive now and i rather not drive far. Mostly people in south orange county would be chill. I mean the only choice we have right now is 2 get together at someones house. Im down for this idea

i think each county needs to have a get together spot cause so cal consists of whales vagina, los angeles, and orange county etc…

Has anybody found any good console cafes? I know of one (Howies) in Orange County, but they only have HD tvs, Xboxs, and mostly Halo. Well, that and about 200 computers. But yeah, a place like that wouldn’t be too bad if they had a section with regular TV’s.

That sounds like a good idea. I remember shadyk telling me of some place in san diego called gamelords or something. Where its the same type of thing.

we got around 5 cvs2 players here. our skill levels range from good to gay (kim).

edit: researched on that howies place. sounds pretty interesting…just gotta get regular TV’s somehow.

“rice barrol!”

nah kim, the place is bad. they charge entrance fee of 7 bucks and close early. Some sticks dont work on their PS2s. Our local arcades here blow ass for some reasons: They dont give a fuck about the players, the sticks are decent(not to me though), cvs2 speed is hella fucked up, and no one goes, or wants to. If people are down to come down, i host casuals every thursdays at my house. Im down for whatever, i cant drive so. bleh, i cant do any of this shit…

main problem is everyone is so separated too

that howie place is really jewish. The only console they have is xbox and xbox only. You have to pay 5 bucks an hour or 20 bucks for the whole day. They have a bunch of tv’s there which would be chill but it is way to franchisish to allow us 2 play there.

man fuck howie. that bitch.

Howies is way too expensive for the fighting game community, shit you’d drop in a night what you’d probably put up to enter Evo. That’s why I was wondering if anybody had any local console cafes like howies, but less over the top. I mean, 20 HD TVs and fucking 200 computers is too much, especially in the middle of a big ass mall.

We need some shady hole in the wall place like FFA with a bouncer named Duke and a 13" TV running a PS2 off an RF modulator to get started.

im going to camelot tonight. probably round 7. rice barrol guys.

so are we resorting to someone’s house (or room possibly)?

gene’s ftw… but only cuz i go there fairly regularly… :smiley:

is there some random huge internet cafe where they allow fools to play?

hey this is ray aka atruevato under minhs name…

uhmmm me n minh we’re tlking bout this for a while today theres a place called gamesquare its located in fountain valley we think they charge 2 $ per hour for a tv n ps2 idk if they’ll let us bring any systems or if they have any but we’ll check up on that well we think its a good place to go bcz if we divide the money for hours between several heads its like pennies per head IF ppl show up closest cross streets r magnolia and warner

that doesn’t sound too bad, keep us posted

Well my friends dad owns a trailer park with a big event room. I could ask him to see how much it whould cost us to rent it. It might even be free :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW I live in San Bernardino.

alright well me n minh went to gamesquare today the price is 3 dollars an hour for a tv and ps2 dreamcast or any other system but he said if we were to have a group meeting he would give us discounts n such prolly for like a dollar n hour for each tv uhmm hes got 7 tvs and many dif systems ill have mvc2 on dreamcast 2 tvs for sure cvs2 n 3s possibly on 2 tvs and any other game anyone else would like to play. me n minh might charge only cuz we’re both short on cash n ppl paying equally adds up to like pennies a head so no worries so i need feedback we need to pick a day n let him know within like a week in advance me n minh would like to throw it the sooner the better we were thinking next week friday or saturday or in 2 weeks friday saturday so i need feedback guys thx…BLACKHEART SONSON ALL DAY!!!