So Cal Pre Ecc throw down at James Games Arcade...04/15/2006

Where?:James Games Arcade April 15,
What Games will be played?: Mvc2/3s/Cvs2/Xmen vs. Sf/GGXX
Rules(just like ecc…copy paste all day)
marvel vs capcom 2
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals
game freezing glitches and dead body infinites are banned(can use it until corner)
winner may change team order
******must keep team order if blind pick is requested ********

capcom vs snk 2
double elimination tournament
1 game per match
2 out of 3 games per semi final match
3 out of 5 games grand finals
******must keep team order if blind pick is requested ********

Guilty Gear XX
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals
no game freezing glitches

street fighter 3: 3rd strike
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals
winner must keep character, but may change super art

Xmen vs. Sf(version 2 if im correct):
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals
No game breaking glitches and or other shit thats not allowed in xmen vs. sf(somebody plz clarify vic or megamanDs)

Machienes that will be running: 2 3s cabs/2 Mvc2 cabs-1 head to head and 1 big screen/1 Cvs2 big screen/1 GGXX Big screen/2 X-men vs Sf cabs 1 head to head and 1 big screen

Well that about sums it up. Post if your coming because i want a head count!! shit is gonna be huge. maybe david L will show up this time :looney: :rofl: entry fee is stiff at $5 right now…if enough people want for marvel i can go anywhere from $5-$10… and I can’t stress this enough…don’t leave the arcade in the middle of the tourney it makes my day harder than it already is :confused: I’ll have printed out brackets this time(sorry bout that potts good lookin out…brackets were a mess :lol:)

Edit: Due to the Size of this tournament Rick(the owner) has said that signups will start at 6 and tourneys will start at 8 NO exceptions!!! Arcade will be open until 3am so plenty of time for money matches and tournemnt(there will be a tech on hand in case any buttons go out)

Sorry forgot the address:
364 W Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91786-3851
(909) 946-4438 call if you need further instructions if your coming from out of town or use mapquest :]

Important notice Plz read: Ok so this is the current situation with the James games tournament. The owner says people are calling the arcade asking about this tourney every day. He predicts that its going to be such a large tournament that it will have to start on time at 8 o clock. I urge everyone to be in the arcade signing up and practicing at 5:30. He says that I must start at 8 no ifs ands or buts. So this tourney will start at 8 with or without you. He says he must close the arcade at 2:30am. Event mode will be set and matches will be running back to back. DO NOT LEAVE THE ARCADE I WILL DQ PEOPLE??People will be lined up with the person they are playing waiting in line to play. BE INSIDE THE ARCADE BY 7!!! These are not my rules I spoke with Rick yesterday and he?s pretty serious about what he expects. Brackets will be computerized so there won?t be chance of late entry people??.do not be late. Matches will be announced on the microphone so wherever you are in the arcade you should be able to report to me A.S.A.P. Once the tourney starts no B.S. let me get a casual match in before the next match?.get off the machine and let me do my job and keep the shit going. Once I get down to semi finals I?ll be able to release once machine for team money matches/money matches. As long as we stay on schedule everything will be hype. Don?t be the one to screw everyone over stay on time and on schedule. If you want to see the money matches/hype and get loud, be on time it?s that simple. If there is traffic or something like that holding you back and you will be there to play call so you get in the comp bracket, but if you don?t make it for your first match you will be sent to losers.

should be a hot tournament. justin doing it big. count me in for 3s kid

Ill be there.

Since this is Pre ECC and the diplomats may want practice for the ECC team money match…me/Reset/Ducvader offer a money match $50 a person at this tourney :cybot: let us know if you are interested

yup 3s/marvel all day WHATS GOOD :wgrin:

R2J, Finesse, and bbhood will be there!!! hollerr front yo!!!

so long as i have an extra 50 to bet and petey likes the sticks

and jal isn’t having sex

we’ll bet it

what format you guys wanna run?

first to 6?

Sorry, but I asked Duc AND duc jr. to play me for money last time at james games. I’m going to have to decline on this one, based on the simple fact that I challenged both Ducs and was extremely disappointed. Duc actually NEEDS to enter to be apart of the money match. Sorry, but that is a stipulation. I’m tired of not getting a chance to avenge my loss at evolution. If you’re not playing for the title, what you playing for? Team money matches can be blamed on the other members of the team, so it is essentially pointless. I want that marvel crown, and won’t settle for less.


do it at cal poly the VERY next week…

atleast they have good sticks.

You asked me to play after me and bill just went at it for two sets :wasted: …not a good look, and DucSr. did say yes :confused: but if yall don’t wanna run it thats kool just tryin to give you practice for ECC match cause it is teams and you will be blaming crap on your team members

We have nothing to prove against your team, except take your money. We accept, but, like I said, Duc needs to enter singles, or you need to find a third. Plain and simple. If you don’t think you can handle us without the evo champ, then that’s on you. We would definitely understand. :slight_smile:

edit: I never said we didn’t want to run it. I said, if Duc is to be on your team, he needs to enter singles. If he doesn’t want to enter singles, then you need another teammate. If you’re planning on hiding behind Duc to win this for you guys again, you’re sadly mistaken. He can partake, only under the aforementioned stippys.

well ducvader or no ducvader me/nick/and 1+ are still down to run it

Got an address for this place? :x


Our third will be dave, DavidL/Reset/Me vs dipset $50 a head lets run it

Where Is It Located, Post Please.

James arcade? Is that what i think it is? I remember that arcade from like 10 years ago when i used to live in san bernadino. Is that the arcade thats like behind the shopping center?

This sounds pretty good I should be there for 3s, maybe XX and XvSF.

As M.A.G. said what’s the address? Thx.

hold up, I need to wait for sanford/justin to get in town, then we’ll run it. Actually, we’ll raise it to 200 dollars a head. whats good. Your team is bs. I want some odds if you wanna run it. 3 to 1. Nothing Less. You have two players that have received top 8 at evo and top 5 in major tournaments. If we’re going to put up 50 we need some odds. C’mon, the dips can’t even win a petty james games tournament. As far as I see it, the teams are unfair. We need some leeway in this unbalanced money match. This is the only way to make it fair. If you’re not down with that, then stop trying to make super teams vs. the dips. Play me heads up for the 50, and EARN it.

correct me if im wrong but you said anyone besides duc? and i don’t mind going
1 on 1 with you but if you wont take our match why should I take yours? we can do teams and singles + I’m perfect Jr. im sure we are already down 1 player