So Cal Pre Ecc throw down at James Games Arcade Results

Good shit great turnout ill post whole bracket later I’m tired

2nd Dark Prince…sent him to loosers and he beat me 2 sets what can I say :wasted: :wasted: :wasted:
5-Bill bagnus hahahah…/Martin G

3rd-Albert Jal champ
4th-Hail and Kill
5th-Ken I/Sir Phobos

Xmen vs. sf
1st-David Lee
3rd- Arcade Mike
4th-Sam C
5th-Newbie Fresh/Viscant

Guilty Gear XX
1st-Ken I
3rd-Joe A
4th-Sir Phobos
5th-Mike C/Alex Y

Street Fighter Third Strike
1st-Sex I (kenI)
2nd-Hung Beeeeeeeeeee
5th-John D/Paul Lee

long tourney now i know the pain/stress of running a tourney with 40+ people in each one…44 people for marvel and 38 for 3s…:wtf: :wonder: Well good practice for Ecc Ken I and Potter both took home over $100…Good shit for Rick taking money for the Arcade hahahah :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Upload the matches of me vs potter asap Mike Ross has them on lock…The saga continues at psm…stop drop shut um down open up shop gg’s

allow me to finish the REST of the marvel results…

7th - msp
7. msp
7. msp
7. msp
9. msp
9. msp
9. msp
9. MSS
25th. santhrax.

GG marvel. I recorded some matches, but usually when I saw MSP/MSS i shut the camera off. I’ll post up some vids I have from 2003/2004 so u can get an idea of how those matches turned out. Some snapbacks, some tri-jumps and some ocv’s.


anyway it was a great turnout, and the finals were pretty sick… gg’s to the nor cal crew!!!

GGs everyone, thanks for running this tourney, Justin. Viscant, your Hibiki is sick, good shit. Gene, GGs man, you’re gonna get served on Saturday!

good shit bill/pot/jal!

Shit was tight, ggs, throw another james games tourny soon!

mod powers !

good games to all the family fun guys who came out

was a lot of fun playing you

No e. Gah. lol. XX. Someone make Hames update plz.

Nor cal = the MSP crew. Yall cats is nice, esp crizzle. I thought ou were gonna perfect me, good siht, nice see yall again. Have Safe trip back.

Sticks were ehh(jg), that’s pretty much it.


had a good time at the tourney, although it was cut short by my 12:30 curfew (weak). good shit guys. james games was hella packed. well can’t wait for the next one!! late
p.s. - eddie i want that shirt. low end theory is the shit

Good Job Dips!

Go Get They WET WIPES!!

good shit. <33

good shit on 1st piff

good shit to bill and jal and the rest of the dips also

lolololol, good shit bill.


Some people from FFA really wanted to go. Oh and I knew Potter was gonna get first. Good Job Potter.

Good fucking shit crizzle, owning it up with your stoned ass magnus.

Damn, sounds like a hot turney! Mad props to the Prince of Perfect, winning XvSF. Who is Arcade Mike? That’s not Buff Mike? Is that Mike the James Games secret weapon?

How many peeps entered? And how did my pal Lon do? Sorry I missed it guys.


Props on MvC2 AND throwing a huge ass turney. You are sick.


Sticks were messed up =/. And 1 out of 1 is stupid. Make it round robin atleast.

Ggs to everyone.

albert - good shit, keep it up.

viscant - good shit on gettind 2nd. seems like you play harder in tourney. All our matches were fake!!!

James - wtf man, 2nd time in a row. We coul’ve played each other. Let’s make it next time! Keep it up, you hella owned me in casuals.

Amir - GGs, even though it was 1(like FFA). Please come down next weekend with sex!! I want you guys here foo!

Phobos -Ill see you next saturday, good shit man. Keep it up, Jap sticks > american sticks :slight_smile:

Dios-X - Good shit in marvel. Matches were intense.

tony - thanks for the ride! good matches in 3s, nice urien matches.

Resex - WTF?! Represent team highschool bitch, where you at on tops?!

Good tourney. Let’s fix the sticks next time. Strong and fierce would go out on 1p.

I’m encodin matches right now. So don’t worry nor Cal, THEY WILL BE UP! Thanks for comin down fellas.

Good, EXTRA good shit to crizzle…korngo wasn’t lyin. He IS the future.

Korngo…show me the pics of ‘her’

See Jay, you had DUC!!! But I saw you let go of the stick/buttons to give him a chance.

Hunksta, good stuff, im just glad i didn’t have to play you!

GG’s to everyone else that I usually see everyday.