So-Cal SF4 Tournamet


Hello everybody,

I was getting a general feeling for how many people would like to attend a Sf4 tournament in So-Cal.
We already have a place lined up and we just need to get a idea of how many people would be coming.
We would charge $10 to play and $5 for a pot per person. We were thinking about having the event sometime in March.
I look forward to getting your feedback.


should be posted here

plus you might want to actually get your shit together and find a place to host it and set a date first. no one else wants to plan your tournament for you and people tend to ignore threads where you don’t actually have a plan.


Thanks for your help.
We will post this in the right spot asap.

We have a place we just want to know what a good time would be for everyone.


usually saturdays are best (afternoon)… i’d recommend going ahead and booking it for a non-holiday weekend. if you don’t already have a date and place for the tourney people will think you are disorganized and may not sign up.


i’ll be free around 1:30 just lmk


Get the fuck outta here with that 10 dollar fee.

Get the fuck outta here with SFIV while you’re at it.


The $10 goes toward the venue. You don’t want to hold this kind of event in a garage.