So-cal tourny in san bernardino, california oct 10


4440 san bernardino california, 92404.

i will be having sf4, hdr, and mvc2 competition.

im thinking just a 5$ entry fee. come down have fun, drink , bbq, casuals. its gonna be on x-box. i only have one stick so bring your own.

message me for any questions. xbl= Bryan 9 oh nine


You should post tourney rules sir


yes like a shot for every time you get thrown in a match muahaha


Im in! Post up some rules!


sorry i forgot about that was in a hurry this morning. its at 4440 david way, san bernardino california 92404.

double elimination. i have never thrown a tourny before so bear with me. best 2 out of 3 sets, 2 round games. pick your character and will have random brackets. you can change character after 1st lost.

anything else im forgetting?

12.30 til when ever.


Time? lol

Edit: Ahhh, I wish I can make it, but I start work this weekend. Maybe it’ll be better if the time changes to like 5 PM+? Cuz I know there’s two other tourney’s on the 10th that starts around 12, one of them being barfights 2 quals.

Oh well, I’ll check if the time changes, but if not, good luck to all that attends this!


is this at your house? And is marvel going to be on 360 to?


I’m in the same boat as you if its starts later I can go to it.


i dont know how many people are gonna show up. i just put 12 for anyone that wants to come early and warm up and what not. but im good with kicking off the actual tourny at 5 ish. yes its gonna be at my house and like i said its open starting at 12.

yea mvc2 is gonna be on x box. a few friends mentioned that they like mvc2 but i dont know if enough will show up for brackets. we will see.


Good shit man, just a tip, you should really tidy up the opening post to have all the vital info. For example:

Hi, I’m throwing a local house tourney at my place Oct 10th. Doors/signups open at 12:00 and official tourney will start at 5PM. We’re having a nice bbq and have casuals stations set-up. Here’s the rules

4440 david way, san bernardino california 92404

Entry fee: 5 dollars (note: since you’re providing food, I say asking for a venue fee is not out of order. Maybe 2-3 dollars?)
Pot split: 1st - 70%, 2nd- 20%, 3rd- 10%
Double elimination, each fight is best out of 3 matches, each match is best out of 3 (HDR, SFIV). For MvC2, best out of 3 matches. Winner keeps same team/char, loser can counter-pick if he chooses.
Console is on Xbox
This is a bring your own stick tourney, I cannot guarantee that there will be a stick available for you to borrow.

The games will be HDR, MvC2 (good idea with this one, because there’s a lot of top MvC2 players in San Bern), and SFIV

Hope to see you all on Saturday.

If you have any more questions with a tourney just pm me.

End example


gonna be getting laid in vegas. We got a whole crew of peeps going

…i’m missing yet ANOTHER tourney…fucking hell. Too bad my friends are too scared to go to tournaments half the time


just a suggestion to some of the folkz who may be attending… try n help out bryan by perhaps bringin a set up for him i think he may like that…it could help him out a great deal


yea i currently only have 2 x box so if someone wanted to bring theres and a copy of sf4 that would be sweet. i would like to have alot of people show up but im not expecting it to be huge.

im just trying to get familiar with the offline scene/players in my area.
i will not be charging a venue fee. im just gonna get like 10-15 lbs of meat and a couple cases of drinks and if thats not enough there is a store real close to my house so it wont be a problem if we run out of anything.
everyone is welcome even if you only come for the casuals or the beer.


Sounds good! I will be attending!

Sorry, but when is the official time the tourney will be starting?


tourney will be kicking off at 4.30

anytime after 12 is ok to show up. i might need a lil help setting up so if anyone wants to come around 12 it would really help out. if its not too much trouble you can bring your box/ps3 and a tv if you have one available with a copy of sf4 or just your hard drive if you have the arcade games on there.


sup bryan, i can help out by suppling a 360 and 1 te stick…

-Mr. Fei long


im scheduled to work. ill see whatsup.u should try to get more setups and ask some of the veterans for a little help since its ur first tourney. theres a lot going on tis weekend too :(.


I like to join in the tourney but I get out of work at 5pm. Is it cool if I can stop by after 6pm I can bring a 360.


yea man go ahead. im sure people will be sticking around and having a good time playing casuals or finishing up the tourny. i could actually use 1 or more extra t.v.

so if anyone could bring one that would help greatly. see you tomorrow.


i need another x box . if someone could bring one it would help. a friend didnt come through with one so im short one.