So Cal VF5 Thread


where are some places people go to play vf5?

post up tourney info and shit

i didnt see a thread on this anywhere


its in fighting game discussion.

and why would you want to know anyway?

Wouldn’t you be grounded or just not bother showing up?!




There is a gathering on saturday in Azusa at El Brisals place.


Post up your info at in the socal thread in the match making forum to get in.

Play VF5 guys!! It’s awesome.


Hey there is a gathering held on thursday at Plague’s house in Riverside. If Azusa was too far for you, try making it here.

It’ll be 7:00 to midnight or whatever.

Please post up here so he can know how many are coming and bring some set ups.

SoCal VFDC thread

last time Plague threw one we had a good number of people including Ken I. over so you should come over, we’re cool, if you don’t own a PS3 (like me lol) you can play for free, and were up to teach and help anybody that wants to learn.