So Cal.

Anyone down to go. lol! road trip!

btw! Sextaro=Yang’s finest…

I"m completely down. Seriously serious. When? I can bring up to 1K$ with me ;]

Hmm… wish I could go. FFA ftw.

You should talk about a date and time.
Of course there are people in WA who are willing to go.
The question is, are they willing/free to go at the same time as you (and each other).

Especially if it’s FFA area, I’m willing throw down for my share of expenses, if someone is driving.

To get things on the roll then.

Im thinking about a road trip in june or something for us Seattle players to do something together…

Going to FFA would be a good idea.

Arlieth used Ibuki when he first started 3S and taught Sex how to play Yang.

The more you know. :slight_smile:

But yea…trip too FFA. All for. I want to meet my hero, John D. :lovin:

Personally, I just want the whole honor of playing them.

Yeah im going to take this flagger class and start making 15 dollars in hour.

lol! yeah i might be able to still take my vacation in august…thus im changing the date to august so people can go to ffa and evo finals… FTW.

I hope ur takin that vacation cuz im goin and shit is bout to go down in the So. Cal!

i kno that i wont be a threat to anyone but its still worth a try…

I want to meet My Ninja “Mr. Hyphy” Finesse and its over 4rm there…:rock:

Otherwise Im down wit ya…Lets make it happen!

oh yay, get to meet cool people like pyrolee
For any one intrested

Where is the by ^