So, can we say with confidence this attempt to nickel and dime us with a Gem System failed?


I’m glad it did.


Speaking of nickel and diming me to death, I’m looking forward to those free dlc codes that Capcom is giving me for entering EVO.

I’m also looking forward to the free $500,000 tourneys that Capcom is running.

And, those free fight clubs they always offer.

Those greedy bastards and their free stuff.


the fact that I’m getting the new characters for free, and that they’re nerfing the scrubby auto-gems might reignite my desire to play this game


How dare they try and market their product.

Remember when they nickel and dimed us back in Street Fighter II? I had to buy a WHOLE OTHER GAME just to play as the boss characters. Fucking Capcom.


lol @ people defending the SFxT DLC bullshit.
How much is Capcom paying you to damage control for them?


Looks like they are hard at work promoting the game. They give free stuff to the FGC they get more footage of the game out for other people to get incentives for buying the game. Free fight clubs come out of the advertising budget and so did the 500,000 dollar tourney.

How the hell are you so damn free to advertising agencies? Damn.


Wah wah I’m whining because a company is experimenting with new models that financially justify supporting a game for years. I cried when they released ssf4 as a separate disc, I cried when they didn’t release sf x t’s expansion in a separate disc, and I cry a lot in general because evil money grubbing corporations don’t exist to develop and give us stuff for free. Fml.


And yet, they aren’t releasing models that justify PLAYING a game for years.


There’s a ranting thread. Use it.