So certain characters didn't get boost chain nerfs?


It seems like Bison still has safe-ish boost chains that let him boost chain to pressure. Did any other characters escape the “global” boost chain nerf? I think that’s a really cool concept that some chars can use it for pressure and some can’t.


Bryan’s boost chains ending in is safe as well.


some characters have far reaching limbs like bison that are only punishable by fast far reaching moves/supers.

some characters can boost chain into target combos and be + on block
I doubt a character has a close Low > Mid chain that’s safe


I think Vega does have low and safe chains


Bison’s boost combos aren’t safe at all - it’s just that he is so far away that he is seemingly unpunishable for some/most characters. is -7F on block and is -12F on block

Same for Guile: is -11F on block and is -12F on block.