So... Chaos Breaker

I was wondering why this game never get a console port or get some attraction, i mean, there are some games that never got ports but are still played these days (like Rumblefish 2).

It was too bad? i mean, i know that Eolith isnt the best company ever, but i dont know… the game seems very beautiful, a little uninspiring, but acceptable in gameplay… or it was too broken? this remembers me a lot to Warzard.

If someone is wondering what the hell im talking about: [media=youtube]saILFc9NkLQ"[/media]

Well, from what I understand, one character had a brain-dead, easy infinite. It was the skeleton horse guy (don’t know his name). It completely ruined any chance this game had.

EDIT: I’m thinking the Necromancer guy was also broken…but I can’t remember why. Or if he even exists. It just rings a bell in my head for some reason.

Chaos Breaker had some potential but would have needed a thorough engine update to make it playable competition-wise.

I don’t know why people think infinites make games unplayable. Even IF just one character has one. In 2i, hugo had a braindead easy infinite, but that never meant anything.

Game looked fun to me, I’d definately want to play it. Even with the brain-dead infy, I’m sure the people I play with wouldn’t figure it out lol.
this guy got some vids of some tournament

Wow. I thought I was the only person who still knew this game existed. I always wondered why no on ever played it, as it looked quite interesting…

that game does’nt look too bad at all. just the music sux and it kinda reminds me if Capcom vs Snk was using rpg characters only…

-heres that infinite mentioned earlier.

i heard that some taito type x games have been hacked to work on windows xp. other than that, i doubt we’ll be seeing this emulated (or even dumped) for years.

Wow, that was dumb…

another infinite too. this one is more stylish.


more like fuckin retarded

Jesus fuck, this game looks like a D&D fighting game. Broken or not I’d play the hell out of it if I had access to it.

Yeah, the game looks pretty hot.

Woah, that Nsidor combo is maybe the most dumb infinity i ever seen in a fighting game (since Robert infinity glitch in Art of Fighting 2)

Yeah. I’m pretty sure it must have been banned in that tourney. As, if I recall correctly, you can do it from any launcher; anywhere on the screen, and it was never done in those matches.

Hmm… This looks kinda cool. I like the items concept, and the game does animate very well. The announcer is on par with GG Accent Core, however. I’d have to give it a few plays to come to a final decision, but it looks pretty good.



this game seriously needs a console release… like now

The game was released in 2004, i guess that its really too late… a lot of Eolith games never get console ports, and to be honest, mostly all.