"So Cold, It's Hot." The Killer Frost Thread


This is the thread were we break the ice on Killer Frost.

I found a meterless 41% combo with Killer Frost. Here are the inputs:

Jump3, Black Ice, Up3, Up3, 2, 2, Iceberg
(I’m new to the number format, so is this correct?)

The Jump3 at the beginning is what makes this combo so high in damage, a raw Black Ice won’t give you nearly as much damage. It does 33% without the Jump3 at the beginning. Try not to do anything after the Iceberg, meter burning the Iceberg actually decreases the damage unless you follow up with Frozen Daggers which then gives you 44% .


ive got some combos with her gotta post a video soon


Cool, she has alot of combo potential. Hope to see it soon :smiley:


Great Killer Frost reset guide


I do not see the purpose of her meter burn icicle


The meter burn sets up the overhead-low mixup by returning the opponent to a grounded state (not to be confused with knockdown), instead of a juggle state. When grounded, the positive frame f1,2,2,4 (trait cancel) will allow for the mixup, as the opponent cannot roll out of a the grounded state.


Big thanks to Dealzchi for the graet video btw.


How do people play this character online? I literally can’t do anything with her because of the delay… F1,1,3 xx BD3 won’t even come out, and you can just forget about landing U3, U3, 2, 2 xx DBF2 even if it does.


I’m having some issues with this character’s neutral game… What do you guys do with Killer Frost in neutral? Zone with BF1? Fish for slides? Bait jumps and AA with B2?


killer frost has a neutral game? i thought she just used slide


Killer frost’s neutral game gets pretty character specific. She doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all game like cyborg or aquaman.


Hey guys, I have a noob question. I black ice into my opponent but when I go into the U3 x2 I always jump instead of execute it. It’s almost a 50/50 shot on whether I will get it off. Any tips?


Freezing Cold (character power) now has 10 additional frames of recovery.

Does this mean her 50/50 mix up is gonna suck now, or do they mean more frames after it’s activated completely?


I’m pretty sure that means that her 50/50 is gone, she’ll probably get lowered down in the tier list