So, [constructive] change of pace

Now most of you know me as a dick but I’m not actually that bad of a person. I just get very passionate about certain things and the viability of my handsome matador is one of them :frowning:

Most of the time in the Vega forums I’m very blunt… maybe a little too blunt… and a bit overbearing. The truth is I’m perfectly capable of conversations without demeaning another party, and I actually make constructive posts around SRK when I can. I’ve finally decided to stop being such an ass in this location of SRK, and ask for your forgiveness (eh… especially you Francys/Jozzy). This thread however, is not only about that. This is a character sub-forum after all, and thus I shall make it Vega related.

While I was demonstrating the CH ranges through videos in that other thread, I realized I have a very convenient set up for recording things and showing people stuff. So, I’m offering my recording services, my advice, my thoughts and input on whatever you like.

No I haven’t been deemed a Vega god as Johzear or Tatsu (and Jozhear if you’re reading this I think I’ve treated you the most unfairly >_>), but I am damn confident in my Vega abilities. All you have is my word but damned if I don’t think I have a strong word.

So, is there anything I can be of service with whether it be recording or match up knowledge? I know a lot of you are dictators as well and I DO play with a certain god tier player that lives in my area (hint: I’m from Vancouver), so I can provide A LOT of Bison stuff too… although that technically isn’t for this forum, I have that knowledge here if you need it too.

Apology accepted and forgiveness granted. I’m about ready to hop off the radar again from the character section, so you probably won’t get a chance to piss me off again even if you tried.

If you have any MU on dealing with Miss Fat-thighs Chunners that would be great. I just can never get around her crLK/st.HP crap. Getting in is a nightmare, even with footsies because of that HP. She’s one of my only hiccups right now (aside the twins obviously, even then, it’s only Yun)

i wouldnt mind some additional inputs in the match analysis thread i started when people post up vids. discussion is the best way to rule out weaker ideas, and I dunno everything. as long as it doesnt resort to bashing i’m cool with that.

Ah, Chun Li. You are lucky, for the Chun Li player in my area is very technical and skilled. There are a couple things to say in this match up.

There are two ways this MU plays depending solely on the Chun player. First off, I’d much rather play Chun Li’s “catch me if you can” style in this match up than facing aggressive Chun’s. When chasing them down just keep walking forward and pushing her into the corner with rolls, and If she ever tries to sweep you (as most Chun’s will during footsies) that’s a free punish. If you’re REALLY hot at what you do then you can score a c.jab, c.jab, c.strong xx EX-FBA but that’s only at closer ranges. You should ALWAYS be able to get a free c.strong though, no matter what.

Standard pressure works nicely but remember that Chun Li is the normal GOD. She’ll be able to jab you and start s.strong you if you’re too aggressive and you’ll take a lot of hits getting in. A good plus is even though she has 53 AA’s, none of them will work if you come down on her with your claw. Being at about a little closer than her max sweep range is a good time to start jumping in. She actually had a half decent option in Super, which was to respond with her forward.s.short, but it will trade every time and maybe lose so it’s risky for her unless she wants a trade into ultra. I know that move of hers was nerfed in AE so I don’t know if it’s easier to get in on her right now or not. She’s pretty free on wake up with that 6 frame EX-SBK so you can safe jump that to continue easy pressure after you KD her. Unless she does the EX-SBK as late as possible, you’re either gonna trade or beat her out. If she likes back dashing then you may want to learn some basic option selects so she doesn’t get away so leisurely.

Walk her into the corner if the Chun player is passive/defensive and just counter poke all day. She can’t really escape unless you let her. Keep up the kara throws to keep her shit scared and counter poke counter poke. You can even stay down back in front of her all day in that scenario, she will literally have no options to escape you if you play it patient.

Now on the flip side, if the Chun player is offensive (which if they know the MU they WILL be), you’re gonna be in a world of hurt. Her c.short is going to reek havoc on you at any time during the match. If you get knocked down the first thing a smart Chun player will do is walk you into the corner and apply c.short pressure on your wakeup. If you back dash she OS sweeps or Hazanshu to continue pressure, if you backflip she’ll catch you anyway with her walk speed even if she wasn’t paying attention, if you try to ST you’ll get stuffed so long as you’re in range of her c.short. She can’t keep you in the corner too well because of Vega’s triangle jump but she WILL hit you on your way out for sure. Really she can do anything she wants because of her walk speed, overheads and 3 frame chainable and cancelable short. It truly is a nightmare against a REAL Chun player since the pressure is almost as bad as Rufus imo (less reward for her than Rufus of course, but still rough). Against this kind of player just c.strong all day to keep her at bay. If she jumps, you can easily neutral jump RH. Don’t feel bad about running away because she won’t feel bad if she’s running from you.


  • If she’s passive/defensive, let her be. It’s an easier job for you. Bully Chun all day if she doesn’t realize her normals>vega normals
  • If she’s offensive get ready to block. Against GOOD Chuns you will not escape in any way until you prod a hole in her offense. c.strong X FBA (ex or not) is very good at letting you escape once you finally get the chance to c.strong
  • I use U1. It will keep her from gaining bar at any distance of the screen. U2 used to be magic in terms of telling Chun to fuck off you but after the nerf she can safely apply pressure and cross you up. With U1 she can’t do ANYTHING to build meter if you’re holding down back and staring at her.
  • The match up is very winnable, but I’d say it’s Chuns favour 5.5 to 4.5. It’s not difficult, you just have to analyze what kind of Chun you’re playing and go from there. Chances are the Chun is bad and will let you bully them, so take full advantage.

I’ll check it out right now :slight_smile:

That is probably the biggest breakdown that I have ever been given of the Chun matchup. Thanks. I don’t have any Chuns in my local community, so when I come up against them I kinda have a brainfart and a half XD
I usually prefer to be on the recieving end of her aggression because I can react to it better, but I’ll take everything into account since lately all I’ve played is the passive/defensive type and finding myself slightly boggled.

Just a couple general tips for all match ups and other stuff I randomly think about:

  • Use s.fierce more on your opponent’s wake up. Usually after any KD you score you can walk forward a smidge then throw this out meaty. It will trade in your favour with most reversals, and surprisingly beat many of them. Try against Ryu’s wake up for example. You’re going to trade with him almost every time but it’s not so bad if you get KD’s from his traded reversal since you’re going to be too far away for him to continue any further pressure aside from fireballs. If your opponent does anything but block you’re going to hit them. Only certain things like Zangief’s lariat will beat this meaty attack clean.

  • I’ve found there are 3 kinds of basic players. The ones that know how to run but nothing else, the aggressive one’s that are susceptible to even Vega’s shitty ST wake up, and the players that balance their offense and their defense properly.

  1. The ones who run really don’t know anything else. I’m thinking back to a Akuma player in my head - he was sure as shit hard for me to catch and I took a lot of damage going in, but I changed it up for the next round. I got a quick health lead and sat on it. He was scratching his head because he didn’t know how to build an offensive (an AKUMA player no doubt) and I could time him out rather easily (if I was being passive, but I’m not ;)). These are my favourites to play because you can do anything to them and never really have to be scared of some crazy rush down mix ups.

  2. Opposite is true with the aggressive players. They know how to rush down like a boss BUT they often get too aggressive with their risky play. I’m now thinking of a Dudley player (not the bad but not the best). He comes at me relentlessly but I can so easily reversal ST him, or mount an easy offense. The guy doesn’t know how to defend so I can keep pressure on him just as hard as he does to me, even though I have the inferior tools to do so. This players are scarier than the defensive ones because they can more often than not dictate the pace of the match or catch you off guard by abusing the questionable “mechanics” of SF4 which leads into big damage for them.

  3. The GOOD players. These guys can be anyone. These guys can be very good with their character, or merely inexperienced which allows them to lose. These players are the naturals at this game, and video games as a whole. They have an innate game sense in almost anything they play and can easily read the opponent or pick up a flaw in the enemy’s plan rather easily. Not to toot my own horn, but I am one of these players. I’m willing to bet almost everyone in this particular sub forum is type 3, since you can’t be ass and use Vega effectively, that’s for sure. These players are your real opponents and you’ll have to out skill. There’s no free pressure on them, no easy to see reversal windows or puzzled looks when you don’t chase their dumb asses back and forth along the screen. Do NOT test these people when you realize you’re fighting one. They WILL punish you and they will do it HARD. Good luck and have a fun match. Play the MU’s EXACTLY as they should be played and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

This case I’m thinking of a very good Dhalsim player. I fight him using Bison, but the principle is the same - don’t fuck around. He WILL escape given the chance, he WILL AA me if I jump in stupidly, he WILL mix me up in more than one way leading to big damage. I will LOSE if I’m not 100% on point. However, since I AM 100% on point I can fight him very well and beating him more times than he can me. But if I’m 95% on point? He’ll win instead.

  • Play it safe. I’ve been told that I’m very Japanese with my safe style. In this series (SF4), the advantage is usually with the defender. Let the aggressor come to you if you have the life lead and don’t do any crazy or flashy combos and mix up if you’re ahead. When you’re ahead, stay ahead and get further ahead. The Japanese play this style and it’s why they are perceived as so good and amazing above everyone else. The American and European styles (especially the American) is to do the riskiest shit for the highest reward. All you have to do is sit there blocking and tech until they eventually do something very risky and unsafe. Then you punish them. That’s the only difference between Japanese and the rest of the world. Patience and letting their opponents kill themselves with poor aggressive styles.

  • Don’t be afraid to trade with ST. I loooove trading. I get decent damage, but more importantly I get a reset which makes a very easy scenario for you to escape whatever pressure they were dealing on you. Obviously if we could beat things clean it would be better, but this is what Vega players have so I suggest you make use of the tactic. Think of it this way: yes you’re both going to take damage BUT you’ve kept him out and you can keep away even longer. This obviously isn’t too favourable when you’re both fighting with your last scraps of life, but it helps prevent those “no outs” cases when you’re just fucked.

  • Don’t be too flashy with Vega. Just get your damn combo and your damn damage in and be done with it. Yes you CAN be flashy but those combos are usually a waste of meter and actually do less damage for more work.

  • Use your air throw. It’s a very very very good move and you’ll be surprised what you can air throw. For example, if you’re within chipping distance from losing against a Bison, he’s likely gonna try to EX-PC you to finish the job. Well, if you jump in on them (out of range of any of your normals would hit as to bait the EX-PC), you can air grab the EX-PC (or any other PC for that matter) and you’ll now have a Bison shitting himself in front of you if he didn’t die already.

  • Speaking of Bison, I’m sure you all know this but the buffed EX-FBA allows you to punish ANY escaping EX-PC with it. Further touching on EX-PC, you can EX-ST it very easily on reaction, and if you’re really hot shit you can U1 him. Do it TOWARDS or you’ll whiff.

  • Bison’s scissor loop isn’t all that good against Vega as you might think. In Super even before the nerfed, Vega could actually s.jab or c.strong him if Bison tried to follow up with ANYTHING after a You could also kara throw him to get out of the loop as well (riskier though).

  • Practice the Izuna loop. Even against exceptionally skilled players I can land an extra 2 izuna drops after I EX-FBA’d them in the corner (so I total of 3 drops). What’s best is that you can easily bait their reversal attempts and punish with something good (I usually punish with U1 whenever I can). My preferred style of the loop is much easier to control, but after each drop the opponent gets a larger and larger window of escape. Here’s a video of what I mean:

It’s not fool proof, but it’s very good. There’s a particular player at my arcade who manages to auto-correct tiger uppercut EVERY time I try that on him after my first drop, so I just don’t bother any more. You’ll want to use the light kick (short) version of the wall dive every time you do this because it keeps things tighter. The further you are from the wall when you activate the wall dive, the higher you’ll grab, the longer it takes for you to izuna drop them, the bigger the window for them to squeeze something out and escape you. If you can do the style in which you keep yourself in the corner, then that’s better. It gives the opponent virtually NO time to react properly to the loop. If you get a claw slash out though… best of luck being stuck in that corner.

  • A good trick against Zangief players is to drop them once or twice, then dive away from them. If they tried to AA lariat you you’ll recover in time to either follow up with a EX-FBA which will beat the lariat clean, or a U1 towards him which will also beat the lariat clean. Strangely, 1 out of every say 10 times the EX-FBA and U1 will trade with his lariat and I don’t know why.

  • If you ever trade on the way up of an EX-FBA, you can either combo into U2 or catch them with a CH and then EX-ST (HAS to be EX-ST).

  • Other than height on the wall, the kick buttons used to activate a FBA do different damage levels as well. 70, 80 and 90 (short, forward, roundhouse).

I’m gonna stop there because I can keep going, but feel free to ask about anything else.

gief lariat trading eith ex fba and U1 is timing based. there’s 1 frame where his hittable box is “protected” by his arm’s hitboxes. if you hit him during that 1 frame you get beat. by 1 frame i mean 1 frame per half spin when his arms are going from almost full extention to full extention. if you do it 1 frame earlier you trade with exfba or the up hit on U1. nothing to my knowledge trades with U1 on the way down. it either gets beat or doesnt.

Exceptional thread, these are some of the most informative MU posts I’ve seen around here in a while. Question: Do you know anything about the Juri matchup? I fought AkumaHokoru’s Juri on XBL, and was completely mind-fucked. I had no idea what to do. I failed to AA her effectively, lost every time I tried to go air-to-air, and I quickly found that once Juri corners Vega, you’re shit outta luck.

It’s OK bro =D

Headache no.2. Dhalsim. Fire away.

Seriously appreciating this.

Yes I do know about the Juri match up.

Respect her footsies period. Her low forward changes her hitbox so she goes under EVERYTHNG you do. Even your c.strong and c.jabs. If you really want to play footsies then you’re going to be abusing your low forward as it’s basically the only thing that will hit her low forward, but then it’s just a matter of who catches who off guard. POM works quite well because it actually hops over HER low forward and hits her, but don’t use it too much. You either want to use it just enough so she stops abusing her low forward or to get free damage once in a while. Your only other option is to react with your c.strong while she’s recovering from her low forward. Not the most optimal route but it can be made to work.

Whether or not you’re allowed to jump in on her solely relies on the Juri player. Most Juri’s are afraid to use her c.feirce and c.strong as AAs as much as they should. Against Vega she will either beat you clean or trade and reset the situation. The damage will be in your favour but the spacing reset in hers. If you don’t have your claw I would recommend not jumping in at all because it makes her AA options even better and even if you do trade it’s even less in your favour.

That said, if the Juri player doesn’t know her shit then you can basically jump for free! This is important because it gives you a very easy route to pressure. I suggest jumping in a few times when you can at various distances. If the Juri is on point, you’re not getting in period. If she doesn’t AA you, then let the good times roll! If you ever get a knock down on her just bully her all day. Her EX-Pinwheel is her only reversal option but it has piss poor start up. Very easy to safe jump. Even better it’s not throw invincible, so if you just so happen to throw her on wake up, you got her to waste a bar only to have her reset back to her same crappy situation.

I USED to use CH to cut through her tough footsies and defensive options (even though it whiffs if she uses low forward), but now I can’t really think of many ways of pressuring her unless you jump in or roll her into the corner. POM is actually a decent way to get in if she’s being defensive since it stuffs her low forward and she’ll most definitely be crouching if she’s abusing that tool on you.

Now her pinwheels, all of them are unsafe if you didn’t already know. They should always result in at least a c.strong X EX-FBA. If you have her in the corner I’d go for the Izuna loop since she can’t respond too well to that. Often even when I miss and Juri does an EX-Pinwheel reversal I end up trading anyway. It’s not a faultless strategy but I’d say worth doing.

If she uses her custom combo ultra, don’t be afraid to ST. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Juri stuff my ST. Trade yes, stuff no. If she’s using her CC she’s going to be rushing you down but her rush down isn’t very scary at all. All you have to worry about is her overhead which imo is very easy to react to. A random ST will knock her down, waste her bar and let you escape.


  • If she’s on point this match up is going to be difficult. With no exceptional ways of starting pressure you’re stuck at footsies distance, which is Juri’s best range against you.
  • If she’s bad, jump in all day. If she doesn’t know her AAs then you’ll get a big jump in combo.
  • Push her into the corner and try to keep her there. It’s no biggie if she gets out since the MU doesn’t really revolve around that, but your life is much easier when she’s stuck there.
  • Even though she out footsies you, she can’t pressure you all that well. If you sit there and take the blocks and tech, very soon you’ll be able to escape whatever situation you’re in.
  • Her damage options are relatively low, so it’s not even that scary if she’s on your ass. Play it cool.
  • Don’t crouch tech. She has a very good tool to blow you up and she’ll follow up with EX-Pinwheel for a juggle.
  • Her dive kicks aren’t amazing but at the same time you don’t have great options to deal with it. Either jump back, neutral jump round house or simply block. Juri can just walk you wherever she wants though so there’s really no need for her to be using dive kicks anyway.

In its truest form, the match up will be a footsie battle with her having slightly better options than you. Getting her KD’d in the corner is a BIG plus for you, but it will be trouble to actually get her in there. You guys should be nicking and poking each other to death, each using your own gimmicks here and there. The only time either player will get a big damage combo is if the opponent makes a grievous mistake.

The MU is 5-5, but you have to not screw around to keep it at that level or it can fall to 5.5-4.5 her favour.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay joz is back

Loving this thread

Dhalsim, huh. Again you are in luck as the Dhalsim player in my location is truly skilled.

Now the MU charts SAY it’s 6-4, but it’s not an easy 6-4 like say a Honda fighting a Bison. For this to be 6-4 (unfortunately with most Vega’s MU’s) you’re going to have to play extremely well. There isn’t really a direct “do this” strategy or approach against Dhalsim, it’s more of a mixture of knowing exactly how to react in each given situation. The best strategy against Dhalsim is to walk him into the corner, but it’s how you do it.

Don’t worry about taking a scratch here or there, and don’t be afraid to block his fireballs either. Dhalsim can fairly easily jump back strong you if you try to jump in at mid range and though your claw is very good at stuffing Dhalsims AA normals, it is not perfect. You can still trade or lose, so really avoid jumping in, especially if you don’t have your claw on. Any damage you take while walking in is paid off two fold when you have him in the corner. If you’re ballsy you can get him in the corner fairly fast by using your strong and fierce RCFs, but we all know how easy it is for that move to be stuffed so use it sparingly if done outside block strings. You can try focus dashing through his normals to help you get closer, but if he’s spamming his s.short you’re going to get hit during dash recovery. If you’re advancing on ground try to throw out a s.forward here and there. It’s the same principle as what Bison does in this match up, except Vega’s takes longer to come out so it isn’t quite as good. You’ll have a decent chance at stuffing Dhalsim’s normals on start up if you do this, but he can easily counter you by doing his low normals instead.

If you want to get gimmicky you can do a full level 3 focus attack. Often Dhalsims will attempt to poke you because normally people back dash away, but if you hold the level 3 you’ll smash him. You can also try to counter hit his pokes with your level 1 or level 2 focus attack, but again these are all gimmicks and in no way solid play.

Once he is in the corner, you still have to play it very patient. You have to scratch him to death. His back-mk command normal is very good at stuffing you. You’ll be aiming to poke this during his recovery (looking for a counter hit will more than likely get you hit instead). It has good active frames so a little later is better than too soon. Mix in OHs, and throws, but again do not get too aggressive - there’s no need to be. Wait for him to push a button and counter during his recovery. You can literally just stare him down and he won’t be able to do much. If he stares right back at you then chip with some rolls. HE has to be the one to escape, HE has to make the first move. You just sit back and think about your day while waiting for him to do something so you can counter him. Even if your isn’t hitting him, try to follow up with RCF’s to keep chipping at him. Don’t get too predictable or he’ll tele out for free. You can bait out his super and U1 in this way, actually. After a couple normal RCF’s you’ll have him trained and he’ll want to counter you big. That’s when you throw out an EX-RCF to show you’re serious :slight_smile: Even if he blocks it you’ve now made him aware that you’re ready to waste all of his bar if he tries something risky on you. Don’t bother with Izuna loops if you score a KD of any kind in the corner. I’ll get back to this topic later. Stick to staring at him.

Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE let that earthworm out of the corner. Your advantage is at keeping him in the corner, not actually getting him there. If he escapes you can expect to take quite a bit of damage as you chase him to the other side of the screen again. If the Dhalsim tries to randomly teleport out, you can Cosmic Heel him on reaction. I prefer to follow up with an EX-FBA since I can drop him back into the corner. If you ST he’ll be further from the corner and you may not be able to hop kick over him in time to get back to your positional advantage. Dhalsim won’t care that he got combo’d because he’s out of the corner and will do more damage to you this way in the long run anyway. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep him in the corner.

Now onto dealing with Dhalsim at more of a neutral range. If you go to neutral jump a fireball, there is a certain height you want to throw out your neutral round house. Right as you begin to fall from the apex of your jump, throw your move out. Here is an example:

Notice however that if Dhalsim is just a few steps closer the trade rate or lose rate goes up a little. It simply requires an altered timing (throw the n.rh very slightly later) but still expect a trade here or there. If you do that tactic recklessly Dhalsim can just wait until your landing frames and use his s.fierce. You’ll be able to block it if you didn’t throw anything out but if you did throw something out then you’ll get hit. It’s not that big of a concern because most Dhalsims will try to hit you in the air first before resorting to targeting your landing frames. You can do the same thing with, but the timing is slightly different. You’ll want to throw it out just a bit lower than you would your nj.rh. Just a frame.

If you’re at low life and Dhalsim throws a fireball and is expecting you to jump, then you must react differently. He’ll may jump towards you and throw out a mp in the air. This requires a good read/psychic if you really want to stuff him. You’ll have to jump up right before he does and throw out your nj.rh at the same time as he throws his move out, or a frame before. Anything else and you’ll get stuffed on start up or your hitbox will miss his and he’ll hit you.

If you’re really starting to get desperate or impatient, you can try throwing your slide out to try to stuff Dhalsim’s s.fierce. Not gonna lie, the chances are that YOU’LL get stuffed, but there’s also a decent chance you’ll trade for a KD or beat him clean. There have been a few times that I can recall just mashing my slide. I got hit 3 times by his s.fierce, but once I had him knocked down I put him in the corner with a fierce RCF and mounted a comeback from there. Risky business since it’s quite possible you’ll get no reward at all, but the tactic is there if you’re really really stumped.

Dhalsim can NEVER jump so long as you have bar. Any time he jumps, throw out your EX-FBA towards him immediately. Even if he’s super cute and reacts with a tele, you’re going to grab him out of the air on the way down 100%. He’s the kind of guy that likes to yoga snipe? LET him. Take the damage because even on hit you can EX-FBA towards or U1 backwards (can’t recall if U1 will hit towards in this scenario, but will hit 100% going backwards). Now Dhalsim is knocked down while you push him into the corner very easily.

If you think he’s gonna try that fireball + tele towards/behind you gimmick Dhalsim’s love to do? U1. You’ll hit him 100% again if he threw out a tele. You can also U2 this since it will auto-correct, but U1 is the ultra to have in this MU.

Do NOT try to U1 him if he jumps back. He can teleport and your U1 will whiff going to him and even on the way back. Stick with the EX-FBA.

If the Dhalsim is particularly bad, he’ll throw out his s.fierce at closer ranges. If you’re within the closer half of his limb, you can X EX-FBA while he’s recovering. You can do the same thing with Seth too actually, but Seth is even easier to hit with this maneuver. If you’re at the more distanced half, you can’t do much about it.

Lastly, no walldives of any kind. No Izuna loops, no whiffing dives to build meter. Every time you leave the air it BETTER be with an EX-FBA and you BETTER be hitting him. If not, Dhalsim will simply teleport, avoid you, and get a jump in combo (air fierce, back-mk, yoga flame, and super if he has it).

And that’s the Dhalsim match up.

  • Walk him into the corner. As I said before, don’t worry too much about the damage you take while going in. Block fireballs (neutral jump if you are confident) and take your time. You will be rewarded when you patiently put him in the corner.
  • Stare at him and counter poke when he’s in the corner.
  • Chip to add pressure.
  • Throw in standard mix ups but don’t get overly aggressive
  • DO NOT let him out of the corner. If you EX-FBA be sure to cross hop him if you landed yourself in the corner by mistake. Don’t worry about losing your back charge. It’s more important to keep Dhalsim where you want him.
  • Every time he leaves the ground you should punish him if you have bar. No excuses.
  • Be wary of his interception normals when you neutral jump to avoid fireballs. Be ready to stuff him on your way down (or up if he jumped at you with mp)
  • U1 any fireball/tele shenanigans.
  • Last tip - if he U1’s you on wakeup, you can just backdash away most of the time. Practice doing this a couple times and you’ll always know when you can do back dash. (U2 is the way Dhalsim wants to go in this MU imo, but that’s his choice. Either way you won’t get hit by either Ultra often if you play exactly how you’re supposed to)

It IS 6-4 in Vega’s favour, but it’s not free in any sense of the word.

It’s 6-4 but the pain in the ass 6-4, I know what you mean (Just like reversed, I call it the good 6-4 and the bad 6-4 - Good being someone like Balrog because I know how to deal with it so well it feels 5-5, then the bad 6-4 is someone like Cammy in Super that feels like she may aswell have been 7-3). My main problem with him was getting his ass in the corner and keeping him there because of the teleport. It’s odd, outside of combo, I really forget that rolls exist, so this might be why I struggle with him so much.

Thanks for the tips, gonna have to nab a Dhalsim on my friends list as ask if he’s happy to beat me down 5-3 again XD

This thread is fantastic, and has given me a lot of insight to my bad match ups since I’ve had lots of trouble with the likes of Chun Li & Dhalsim. So on behalf of everyone thank you for doing this :slight_smile:

So as for my problem. Well…I have trouble with dealing with turtles. I always have to be honest. Those that just sit there and paint there nails while they wait for you to make the move, quite said really :/.

I’m talking about Guile & Balrog in general. A classic example is one time I lost against a Balrog that no word of a lie, he just sat there spamming crouching jab turbo like untill I was within his range then he’d headbutt me or dash straight. Or catch me with his jabs while he was sat there.

I had NO clue what to do, I was clueless. I couldn’t understand how I lost to somebody that didn’t budge an inch most the match and just furiously kept mashing jab on the spot. This is just an example though. Help on the Balrog match up in general would be nice, but especially the turtle ones.

I dunno whether Guile is even worse though, turtle Guiles can just sit there Sonic Booming building meter all day and flash kick you if you make a wrong move. Not to mention his crouching fierce! That shit is so fast it’s unbelievable.

So yes to summerise, I suck against turtles badly. IF I win then it’s no less then a miracle. And you can bet your ass that I’ve sweated like a bitch to pull off the win. I look forward to your reply mate, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You know anything about the Deejay match up? He’s been drastically improved from the last game. All I know from playing him is, keeping in attacking range, and abusing low attacks on him. Impossible to jump on him, or jump period lol. FA works aswell. Seems like a 6-4 to me, but if you got an better insight into the match let me know.

i’m not really back vegaman.

i just searched my name in taskbar cause i was bored and saw this thread hahah

There’s too much complaining and bullshit in this stupid forum to take anything other than what a few ppl say seriously.

But shadowOS is the truth. This thread is great - he’s right, the dhalsim he plays is pretty good. dat YOGAMARMAR

EDIT: Also Raiden Thanks for being a bro and sticking up for me on some youtube vids I see.

I like how ppl search for me… and then trash me ALL the time. But you know whats up.

Yeah we do, it is probably easier to do that instead of duking it out with you ingame, anyway never got a chance to thank you for all the material you posted there the past years and your vids, I am not a good vega but I’d be a lot worse without all that stuff I read from you. So hey I do it while you linger around

Thanks Joz’


Hahaha so you actually saw those comments I made on Youtube then. Really though it’s no problem I support you 110% :), your the best Vega I’ve ever seen personally. I watch countless streams and various other footage, I’ve seen more footage of you as well on Xbox Live so I can confidently say that. I don’t think there’s much if any difference between yourself and Tatsu. You performed very well in the 2010 Canada Cup, and I think you could have beaten Diago if he didn’t have such a big tournament experience edge on you. Not to mention Ryu is a frustrating match up for Vega.

But hey if your feeling kind then feel free to add me on Xbox because I’d love the learning experience :clapdos: