So... Daraku Tenshi

Does anyone still play this game? I recently started playing this game and it would be sweet to have some opponents to fight.

wow, a fighting game i’ve never heard of, im surprised

I remember this game, played it very little though.

I’ve played this game for some time. It was so sad that D.T. wasn’t really completed.
From one side it has a really funny things. like Yurien\Cool backstab-juggles when you dash behind the opponent and start hitting him with launcher attack (2HK or 2HP) and opponent can’t do anything beside air recovery which can save him but give you more time to dash&juggle. Or Yurien 214LK 66LP links, Torao\Yurien parry cancels and dat command throw properties (OS’es and cancels).
But on the other side it has very dumb and broken stuff like 3d FG’s fuzzy guard (works against Taro mostly), Yurian J2HK which is best crossup tool with insanely huge advantage either on hit or block, Torao 66LK loop & Yurian 28P infinity. But actually changing pushback is what ticked me most (in the middle of a combo you got a full super bar… and attack whiffs).

I’m sure I saw a Daraku Tenshi thread on here somewhere before.

Here’s one of them: