So DBS Broly... Thoughts?

He seems… okay. Good damage, big aerials, good neutral in general, large amounts of ways to swat an opponent out of the air, but he does have his fair share of problems. His assist is hard to combo off of, with it popping the opponent up only slightly, and having pretty low hitstun. Also pretty hard to get a sliding knockdown while conserving damage. Mixups in general are fairly weak, with his 24f command grab being very reactable. (I feel like he does have some potential off of snap due to his aerial down heavy and qcb medium anti-air grab) His stagger pressure is pretty much non-existent, with him not having one normal thats safe on block. His pressure off of down medium is strange and seems like it does have some potential if you’re good at conditioning.

Overall, he’s definitely not top tier, but he’s not terrible either. What are your thoughts?


He’s become one of my favourite characters.

May not seem like much at first, but his pressure can be quite scary if you put your opponent in positions where they have to guess whether your block string is going to lead to a grab or not.

You can mix this up and sometimes end with his green ball projectile (If they try to jump they get hit).

Also he gets real good pressure after his level 1 super (even though it switches sides) if you do a dash followed by 2L immediately after the super hits and Broly has now switched sides, the opponent basically has to block.

Hopefully since this original thread you would have seen more players using him.